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Lag B’omer honours the 2nd Century Sage Rabi Shimon bar Yochai, considered to be one of the fathers of Kabbalah. Boy did he get honour at our Lag B’omer event! Over 150 people gathered at the Crusaders Club for a braai & bonfire with an awesome performance by Charles Summerfield! Special thanks to Eskom for […]

Shiur Lunch: Thursday 1pm

Ask the Rabbi. Ever wanted to ask but didn’t know how? Rabbi Wineberg loves questions! Whether you want to ask or just listen, there’s a reason this shiur is the highlight of the week for many.

Professional Lunch

Professional lunch & learning at a number of offices. Host the Rabbi for weekly lunch & shiur/learning at your office. For more info contact Rabbi Wineberg

Guest Lectures

National and International Guest cutting edge guest speakers. Click here to be put onto our mailing list


Rica Schlosberg on her 70th birthday. Mazel tov to Pinky and Etty Sareli on the engagement of their daughter, Miri.