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Your ‘get out of Shul EARLY card’!

Dear Friend,   Woohoo! Mazel tov to Chorister Norman and Sharlene Katzeff on the engagement of their daughter Michaela to Eli Green, son of Rabbi Coleman and Nicole Green (and my former student!)! Mazels to the proud Granny, Ruth Katzeff and the gantze mishpocho. A true Cape Town simcha. Much nachas!   PBM for women […]

Leave the ink!

Dear Friend,   No amount of soap could wash away the indelible feeling of freedom and empowerment from Wednesday’s elections.   Everyone I’ve met since Wednesday has worn the ink stain with great pride. Why some people would go to such lengths to erase it, is unfathomable to me.   I’ve also felt a lot […]

Please note: Mincha now starts at 5:45pm   Dear Friend,   I’m not sure why it takes murder and mayhem to place a Rabbi on the front page of every major news outlet. That’s the way of the world.   Regardless, Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein’s simple message has been broadcast everywhere- from the lofty liberal heights […]

Israel’s busy week

Dear Friend,   Israel has had a busy week. From national elections that emphasized the vibrancy of her society & revealed a growing religious & traditional demographic to a spacecraft that managed a lunar orbit ‘hop’ but landed a bit too hard on the moon’s surface…   And in Marais Rd Shul the Israele celebration […]


Dear Friend, Wow! What a week. On Sunday, Cape Town & Jerusalem were united in an explosion of simcha as our daughter Esther announced her engagement to Yossi Shemtov of Jerusalem. 15 minutes & 600+ messages later, it dawned on me how powerful joy can be & how it transcends the boundaries of time & […]

The winds are blowing

From next Friday, March 15, all MIncha services will begin at 6pm.   Dear Friend,   Cycling is in the air- and so are the winds! Hopefully, the winds will settle and allow all those hard-workers to get their chance on Sunday for the Pick ’n Pay Argus CT cycle tour! Shakayach to Rabbi Hecht […]

Click here. And here… And here!

Dear Friend, From Sinai, we move into Purim! Purim will be held at Hogwarts, which is just a platform and ¾ away from Shushan and the invidious magic of Haman. Diarize Wednesday 20 March, when the magic begins! Call the Shul or click here to book early and get your discount. Yeshiva of CT and […]

Which Israeli general gets your vote?

Dear Friend,   Want a sneak peek at the dream team?   Tomorrow we host Major General Yaakov Amidror. Sponsored by Vida e caffé, our post Shachrit daven e caffe promises to be something special. This top Israeli security personality will address “Is Peace Possible? The inside scoop of Israel’s attempt at peace with the […]

2 weddings and a….Batty!

Dear Friend, King Solomon, the “wisest of men”, taught that all good things come in ‘threes’. How appropriate when we celebrate three simchas in Shul this week! Mazel tov to Aviv and Lindy Sachs on Lia’s Bat Mitzvah! Everyone knows that a girl turns Bat Mitzvah when she turns 12, but did you consider that […]

What’s the state of our shul?

Dear Friend,   Sinai Indaba is the gift that keeps giving! It’s already established that SI will give us the Jewish World’s top personalities. SI gives us food for thought and nourishment for our souls. And this year it’s giving us back some of its best speakers for an Encore…   But now Sinai Indaba […]