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A haphazard story

Dear Friend, Life never comes in neat packages. Unlike storytelling, events don’t get neatly wrapped up in a bow of circumstance; they occur haphazardly and on top of each other. So it was, as we entered into the month of Av, Judaism’s saddest month, that we celebrated a baby naming and a daven e special! […]

How did Man land on the moon?

Dear Friend,  What do the ancient Moabite king Balak, Johnny Clegg & Neil Armstrong have in common? Come hear the drosho tonight to find out!  Happy milestone birthdays to Advocate Doron Goldberg on his 50th, Wardeness Sheila Wagenheim on her 70th and Mel Marshall on his second Bar Mitzvah…83 years old! Mazel tov and many […]

Rabbi’s letter: Drive safe

Mazel Tov to Matthew Grevler on his Bar Mitzvah this Shabbos! Matthew actually turns 13 (Jewish date) on Shabbas so he truly becomes a Bar Mitzvah (responsible for the Mitzvos) tonight. Mazels to his parents, Asher & Lauren Grevler and grandparents, Perez & Wendy Bloom and Dr. Bernard & Ruth Grevler. Much nachas! Mazel Tov to Kevin & Tamara Isaacman on Alon’s […]

Time ot reflect

Dear Friend,   On England’s ancient roads, every mile is marked with a stone, telling the traveller how far they’ve come.   Milestones are also crucial life markers that give us pause to reflect & appreciate. To consider where we came from & to where we are headed.   Tonight is the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 25th […]

How do you pray?

Dear Friend,   Asking HaShem for your needs is one of the essential components of Prayer and an expression of faith.   But saying ‘thank you’ to G-d is equally fundamental to prayer & is an expression of mentchlichkeit, human decency (a great Torah value!).   While it’s common for people to come to Shul […]


Dear Friend, Sara & I are still trying to absorb the events of the last few days as we merited to experience our oldest daughter Esther’s wedding. The one highlight that keeps jumping out at me is the Chuppah on Marais Rd. If it would have just been a chuppah on the road, dayenu. If […]

Sneak Peak

Dear Friends,   Here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside this week’s Shmooze:   It’s been a rough couple of weeks as our community has lost some precious members.   Saturday night is Yom Yerushalayim, 52 years since Jerusalem was liberated and united. See the Shmooze for a great event tomorrow afternoon.   Shavuot dinner […]

The day I lost a debate (thank G-d!)

Dear Friend,   About 15 years ago I was invited by SABC to participate on a debating TV program on the subject of morality. The position I was asked to defend was that “Jacob Zuma was the right person to lead the moral regeneration project” (which he was in fact heading at that time).  Don’t […]

Your ‘get out of Shul EARLY card’!

Dear Friend,   Woohoo! Mazel tov to Chorister Norman and Sharlene Katzeff on the engagement of their daughter Michaela to Eli Green, son of Rabbi Coleman and Nicole Green (and my former student!)! Mazels to the proud Granny, Ruth Katzeff and the gantze mishpocho. A true Cape Town simcha. Much nachas!   PBM for women […]

Leave the ink!

Dear Friend,   No amount of soap could wash away the indelible feeling of freedom and empowerment from Wednesday’s elections.   Everyone I’ve met since Wednesday has worn the ink stain with great pride. Why some people would go to such lengths to erase it, is unfathomable to me.   I’ve also felt a lot […]