Your ‘get out of Shul EARLY card’!

Dear Friend,


Woohoo! Mazel tov to Chorister Norman and Sharlene Katzeff on the engagement of their daughter Michaela to Eli Green, son of Rabbi Coleman and Nicole Green (and my former student!)! Mazels to the proud Granny, Ruth Katzeff and the gantze mishpocho. A true Cape Town simcha. Much nachas!


PBM for women winter session started on Tuesday. Ladies, these are many great options to choose from so diarise this coming Tuesday morning and treat yourself! See Shmooze for details.


Lag B’omer starts next Wednesday May 22 and we are going all out!! Green Point Cricket Club from 5pm. Book on website or just show up with your family or friends!


Young Professionals, don’t be left in the cold! ‘Lchaim & a Lag’ on Lag B’omer for you!  Pier Place Rooftop, includes a comedy lineup and Kosher Shnitzel Dinner by Yaron. Lekker! May 23, please email for further info and to book.


Condolences to Ralph & Yaron Rabinowitz, Orly Levetan and Daphne Jacobs on the loss of their mother, Esther Rabinowitz.


Condolences to Barry Levin on the passing his sister, Blume Myerson.


Yes, we’re in the thick of winter and no one likes getting up while it’s still dark outside. With sunset so early, we now move Mincha services to 5:30pm. The good news is you’ll be out of Shul before 7! It’s your get out Shul early card!


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading:)

Please note: Mincha now starts at 5:45pm


Dear Friend,


I’m not sure why it takes murder and mayhem to place a Rabbi on the front page of every major news outlet. That’s the way of the world.


Regardless, Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein’s simple message has been broadcast everywhere- from the lofty liberal heights of the New York Times to the dizzying towers of the White House: This is a time for Jews to be PROUD of our Jewishness.


The world over is embracing this Shabbas as a chance to show our pride and solidarity with Chabad Poway by coming to Shul. Help us DROWN out the horrific sounds of gunshots with a torrent of Shul attendance that will tell the world: we will not be deterred!


Services start tonight at 5:45pm and tomorrow morning at 8:45am. Special prayers will be recited for those injured in the Antisemitic attack on Chabad Poway, California.


This Shabbas, please make every effort to attend Shul!


Condolences to Merle Rubin on the passing of her beloved husband, and to Brett and Clint on the passing of their dear father, Sam Rubin. We wish you Hashem’s blessed comfort and strength in this time.


Yesterday’s Yom Hashoa commemoration ceremony, which is organized by the Jewish Board of Deputies,  featured Marais Road Shul’s Honorary life member Miriam Lichterman who delivered an astounding keynote address. Cantor Ivor Joffe and the Shul Choir created the right setting and melodious mood for the somber occasion. Thank you for making our Shul proud!


Mazel tov to Ettie Buch on the birth of a great Granddaughter. Asach yiddishe nachas!


Mazel tov to Mel and Norma Marshall who are celebrating the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson in London, this Shabbas!


Enough talk, See you all in Shul.


Shabbat shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Marais Rd. Shul

Cape Town

021 439 7543





Israel’s busy week

Dear Friend,


Israel has had a busy week. From national elections that emphasized the vibrancy of her society & revealed a growing religious & traditional demographic to a spacecraft that managed a lunar orbit ‘hop’ but landed a bit too hard on the moon’s surface


And in Marais Rd Shul the Israele celebration continues as we celebrate the forthcoming marriage of Martine Israele to Leon Mayo!


Mazel to Leon on his ufruf this Shabbas and to his parents, Benjamin & Linda Mayo. Mazel tov to Martine’s mom, Judy Israele and family. The Israele Mishpocho has been a devoted Marais Rd Shul family member for years & we’re thrilled to celebrate your simcha!


Mazel tov to Farrel & Jaclyn Strul on the birth of their daughter…Sara Bayla! The newest Strul addition was named at the monthly Shtibl Minyan by Rabbi Hecht, in a grand celebration. Much yiddishe nachas!


Want to get ready for Pesach? How about some wine-tasting? Exclusive Wine tasting with Backsberg Estate and a featured Shiur by Rabbi Pini Hecht! Monday 15 April 7.30pm in our Shul hall. Coffee and Decadent deserts served. Book now!


Want to join our Seder? Pls book by Monday! Join Marais Road Shul For 1st & 2nd Night Pesach (19th And 20th April). Book online or call 021 4397543.


No money? No problem! Just email me with how much you can pay and we’ll sort you out with some spots at the Shul seder. A big Shkayach to all those who have donated towards assisting others for Pesach needs. But pls, pls, let me know of those who require assistance so we could make a small difference.


Condolences to Howard, Brian, Keith & Graham Sarembock on the loss of their mother and matriarch of the Sarembock clan, Lilian Sarembock. We wish the family comfort.


And a big Mazel tov to Sonja Keschner on her 90th Birthday! Many more years of good health and nachas.


Pesach is an active yom tov so please note these dates. More details are in your schmooze, and a Chometz sale form is attached.



Sunday 14 April: Koshering of cutlery & utensils @ shul entrance 10am – 1pm with Bachurim

Thursday 18 April: Chametz sale forms must be handed in @ shul office by 9.30am; Bedikat Chametz –Search for chametz in your home. After 7pm. Full info in your Artscroll Siddur pg. 654

Friday 19 April (Public Holiday) Fast of the First Born – Ta’anis Bechoros

  • Shacharit 8.00am • Siyum / Break the fast 8.30am • Latest time to eat chametz 10.15am
  • Latest time to burn chametz 11.15am • Shul will have bonfire 7.30 – 11.15am


Visit for your full Pesach guide- from DIY to study and insights.


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg


Dear Friend,
Wow! What a week. On Sunday, Cape Town & Jerusalem were united in an explosion of simcha as our daughter Esther announced her engagement to Yossi Shemtov of Jerusalem.
15 minutes & 600+ messages later, it dawned on me how powerful joy can be & how it transcends the boundaries of time & space. 
Although we are currently in Yerushalayim, we feel the love and connection to our beloved friends and community in Cape Town, Johannesburg & beyond. We are looking forward to continuing our celebration  in our other home town of Cape Town.
TYCT! (thank you Cape Town!)

Mazel Tov to Josh & Tanya Horry on the birth of their daughter & to Steven & Lori Mauerberger on the birth of their daughter! 
Both dads were in Shul yesterday morning and named their princesses with Rabbi Hecht & an Aliyah to the Torah. Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov!
Mazels to grandparents Zila Assenbaum, Lessa Gordon and Jonathan & Bonita Shifrin on the birth of their granddaughters and Anita Shifrin on the birth of her great granddaughter! 
Mazel Tov to Errol & Stella Kope on the engagement of their daughter, Megan to Justin Zahr. Much nachas!!
Mazel Tov to Garth & Sharon Kahn on their 30th wedding anniversary, to Mervyn Nick on his 80th Birthday, to Mervyn Rosenstein on his 80th Birthday. Many happy, healthy, nachas filled years!
Due to scheduling conflict, daven e caffé will be next Friday 5 April. Come have a Lchaim with Rabbi Wineberg! Davening @7am, followed by breakfast and vort. 

Condolences to Howard & Anthony Solomon on the loss of their mother, Sadie Solomon; to Martin Goodman & Debbie on the loss of their mother, and Lorraine Rodgers on the loss of her sister, Adele Goodman; and to Darryl Papernick, Alisa Zackon & Shelly Albert on the loss of their mother, Sonia Papernick. 

May Hashem comfort you & give you strength.



Join Marais Road Shul For 1st & 2nd Night Pesach(19th And 20th April)

Book online or call 021 4397543 before Monday 15th April


Shabbat Shalom & happy reading!

The winds are blowing

From next Friday, March 15, all MIncha services will begin at 6pm.


Dear Friend,


Cycling is in the air- and so are the winds! Hopefully, the winds will settle and allow all those hard-workers to get their chance on Sunday for the Pick ’n Pay Argus CT cycle tour! Shakayach to Rabbi Hecht Who rides in to CT today having ridden the Garden route for Hatzalah, and then gearing to ride the Argus on Sunday!


The “winds of change” are here! Rebbetzin Sara’s ‘Mikva Talk’ at the home of Gita and Jonathan Osrin attracted over 30 ladies with huge inspiration and chaverschaft being felt by all. Sisters Adrienne Cohen and Sara Abel demonstrated essential oils and everyone received a beautiful door package sponsored in memory of a beloved friend, Urlene Abramson. Click here for the pics!


Ladies, much Bracha for hatzlacha with Sunday’s ride! And please don’t forget to help them reach their 100k Rands target for the Mikva. #everydropcounts!


Mazel tov to Cecil and Natalie Sussman on their 70th wedding anniversary!!! wow, many years in good health, love and nachas.


It’s purim around the corner…at Hogwarts! Marais Road Shul has a fab Purim party planned for the whole family on Wednesday March 20. Click here for info and to book.


Condolences to Bubbles Roberts on the recent passing of her brother in P.E.


Condolences to Raffa Capelouto on the tragic passing of his wife, Margi Capelouto, and to the children, Azrie and Claudia. May Hashem grant you strength in this time.


And to all those worries about the winds of CT, what do you think Shul is for? See you there!!


Shabbat shalom and happy reading


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Click here. And here… And here!

Dear Friend,

From Sinai, we move into Purim!

Purim will be held at Hogwarts, which is just a platform and ¾ away from Shushan and the invidious magic of Haman. Diarize Wednesday 20 March, when the magic begins! Call the Shul or click here to book early and get your discount.

Yeshiva of CT and Ohr Somayach are hosting a Purim “TED” talk event on Thursday night. Ideas worth spreading…Marais Road Shul, March 7, 7:30pm. Oh, and they’re serving Beer and Pretzels!

Condolences to Warren Weiner on the passing of his mother, Lydia Weiner. We wish you strength and comfort.

Ladies Tehillim Circle with Rebbetzin Sara Wineberg, This Shabbat mevarchim @ 6.30pm in the Shul Hall.

Mazel tov to Stacy and Grant Kavnat on the birth of their daughter, Yona! Little Yona was named in Shul yesterday morning in an emotional service, as she received her late grandfather, Jeff Kleinman’s, name. Mazel tov to Grandma Bev Kleinman, and great grandma Rene Kleinman- Much nachas!

A city can only be considered ‘Jewish’ when it has a functioning Mikveh, the bedrock of Jewish Family life. Our Mikveh is 40 years old & in desperate need of a major refurbishment to prepare our young families for the next 40 years.

The UOS has committed to a R4m project & to support their efforts Rebbetzin Sara has undertaken to ride the Cape Argus & raise 100k Rands! See newspaper article here & click here to support your Rebbetzin as she makes history next Sunday.

In the meantime, fellow rider Gita Osrin is hosting Rebbetzin Sara for a Mikveh awareness evening in her home this coming week. RSVP to join!

Thanks for the many messages of support & feedback for my Derech Eretz talk on SABC 2! If you missed it, click here to watch the program. I’m pleased by how many shared with me that they watch every Sunday morning. Shkayach!

Shabbat Shalom & happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Which Israeli general gets your vote?

Dear Friend,


Want a sneak peek at the dream team?


Tomorrow we host Major General Yaakov Amidror. Sponsored by Vida e caffé, our post Shachrit daven e caffe promises to be something special. This top Israeli security personality will address “Is Peace Possible? The inside scoop of Israel’s attempt at peace with the Palestinians”. 7-8:45am, including Shachrit. to book your place at breakfast today. This eloquent, erudite and courageous Israeli general has my vote!


On Friday night, the Sinai Indaba brainchild and force of nature, Chief Rabbi Dr. Goldstein, will address us in Shul!


And on Saturday, Mystic and bestselling Author, Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will deliver the Shiur: Are you surviving or thriving? 5 Jewish secrets to add confidence and passion to your life. 12pm. Be there!


In addition, I’m excited to hear rock star Alex Clare– not only to sing, but to share his unique life Journey; it’s not every day you meet a platinum album artist who spends half his day studying Talmud! Nili Couzins was a huge hit last year and Rabbi David Aron was at Sinai 1 and there wasn’t an empty seat at his talks!


So don’t miss Sinai Encore this Sunday at the CT Convention Centre. Book today


And guess who else gets in a talk on Sunday? Yours truly! Yes, I’ll be on SABC 2 with the Derech Eretz Program speaking on Creating Opportunities. If you don’t get up that early, PVR it!


In Jerusalem of old, it was common for marriages to take place on a Friday morning. But for CT it might be a first…mazel tov to Keith and Lisa Brouze on the marriage tomorrow of their daughter Kim Brouze to Neil Eliason. Lots of nachas!


Birthday blessings & chocolates tomorrow night! All children celebrating their birthday during February are welcome to join us. email or call 021 4397543


Condolences to Lorelle Curitz on the loss of her father, Gideon Shimoni in Johannesburg. May Hashem grant you and the family comfort.


Sunday is the first Yahrzeit of Shul stalwart, Jeff Fish. His wife, Adele, and daughters, Lara and Yael, are sponsoring the Seudah and all are welcome to honour this much loved figure in Marais Road Shul who was taken form us way too soon.


Oh! You don’t have to ride the Argus to get nachas from it- Rebbetzin Sara, Lindy Sachs, Gita Osrin, Dr. Ronit Netter and more are riding to raise funds for the CT Mikveh renovation! Click here to get in on the action.


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!



Rabbi Dovid Wineberg


2 weddings and a….Batty!

Dear Friend,

King Solomon, the “wisest of men”, taught that all good things come in ‘threes’.

How appropriate when we celebrate three simchas in Shul this week!

Mazel tov to Aviv and Lindy Sachs on Lia’s Bat Mitzvah! Everyone knows that a girl turns Bat Mitzvah when she turns 12, but did you consider that 1 + 2= 3? Mazel tov to Grandparents, Matatyahu & Dalia Sachs and David & Cheryl Abromowitz. It was just 2 weeks ago that we were together celebrating a Torah donated to the Morasha community in memory of David’s brother and each family member had a chance to write a letter into the Torah. And today that celebration continues. Much nachas!

Mazel tov to Ryan Solomon on his forthcoming wedding to Janna Beck! Mazel tov to their parents, Hylton and Lee Solomon (pure Zimbabwe imports whom we’re honoured that they found their new home in our Shul) and Rodney & Sharon Beck.

And third, but not least, Greg Rubin celebrates his Ufruf this week in anticipation of his forthcoming wedding to Natalie Boas of Sydney- mazel tov! Mazel tov to Felicia Rubin and a special shout out to Greg’s late dad, Spike Rubin who was such a part of our Shul family. Felicia will be feeling the pride for both of them! Mazel tov and welcome to Natalie’s parents Harold & Beverley Boas. Enjoy the smachot!

But that’s not all the three’s:

Next Friday we welcome Major General Yaakov Amidror who will dress us on the mystery of the elusive peace with the Palestinians. Thanks to Vida e caffe for sponsoring their coffee truck and cappuccino’s for everyone! Friday, 22 February 7am shul and 7:45 breakfast and talk.

On Shabbas, next week, we will be hosting visiting personality, Rabbi Simon Jacobson! He is the bestselling author of the hugely popular “Towards a meaningful life” and a brilliant mystic and speaker. He’ll be delivering the sermon and shiur on Shabbas day, 23 February.

And all this leads up to Sinai Encore! Both these speakers will be joining a dozen other top personalities in a thrilling day of discovery and inspiration! While you could show up on the day, do yourself a favour and sign up early!

So, don’t good things come in ‘three’s’?

Here’s another one: Mazel tov to Maurice & Gertie Baskir on their 70th Wedding Anniversary! What; What’s that got to do with three? Well, 70 is threescore and 10:). May they enjoy long healthy years of nachas!

Women’s PBM starts their 2019 year of learning this Tuesday morning in our hall. Join rabbi Hecht and others as they offer the ladies delectable options in journeys of Jewish study. Professional Beit Hamidrash has a great reputation for quality learning and experiences so don’t miss out! Email today.

Condolences to Elana Rudnick on the passing of her mother, Freda Rachmel. May the family be granted comfort in this time.

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

What’s the state of our shul?

Dear Friend,


Sinai Indaba is the gift that keeps giving! It’s already established that SI will give us the Jewish World’s top personalities. SI gives us food for thought and nourishment for our souls. And this year it’s giving us back some of its best speakers for an Encore


But now Sinai Indaba is giving us a serious REBATE! Thanks to a generous sponsor, the Chief Rabbi has announced that 50% of each ticket bought will go to the Shul to which the delegate belongs. The monies will then be used to bring out further speakers by the respective shuls. What a deal, thank you Chief Rabbi!


There’s no red tape or bureaucracy. Simply send me an email that you (and your friends and family) have booked or are going to Sinai Indaba and we will submit the list for our rebate. Visit to book today!


Can’t afford it? Email me and I’ll happily arrange tickets for those in genuine distress.


We’re very excited to welcome Vida e Caffe as the sponsor for our next daven e caffe, ‘Think Coffee’! Major General Yaakov Amidror is one of Israel’s greatest strategic security minds holding many top positions, including Israel’s National Security Advisor. Vida e caffe’s Truck will be on hand to provide a refreshing start to the morning as we daven enjoy breakfast and hear form this great Sinai Indaba personality, General Amidror. February 22, 7-8:45am email to book today!


Mazel tov to Eden Sachs who is celebrating her Bat Mitzvah this Shabbat! Mazel to her parents, Alon and Michelle Sachs and to grandparents, Gerald and Linda Jacobson and Matatyahu and Daliah Sachs. I had the pleasure of knowing Eden’s great grandfather, Rabbi Rokman of blessed memory and I know the Yiddishkeit and Jewish Pride that courses through the veins of this family. Much nachas!


Rebbetzin Sara will be hosting the ladies Tehillim Circle this Shabbat at 7pm in the Shul hall.


Condolences to Shul Trustee, Les and Patsy Marcow on the passing of their brother in law, Reuben Rosenbloom, in the USA. Reuben and Essie were long standing members of our Shul and when it came time for Les to celebrate his special birthday, all they wanted to do was give something to our Shul in Les’ honour. Our condolences to his wife Essie and to their children Brian, Lawrence and Patricia. May Hashem give you strength in this time.


Want to go to Israel- for free? Then buy the Yeshiva of Cape Town’s Raffle ticket! The yeshiva is an important part of our community and many of you have had the pleasure of being engaged with the bachurim. So, email today for your chance to win some great prizes and support a great cause.


And finally, Marais Road Shul is proud to welcome the Women’s PBM (Professional Beit Midrash) morning program. See the attached poster for your opportunity to do some in depth studying right here in Marais Road. Email to book and for more info.


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Lets Celebrate Life!

Dear Friend,


Good…better…best! What is the biggest annual Jewish event of the year? In our special community of Cape Town, that’s a big question. With a plethora of cultural, communal, spiritual and educational events, there would be quite a few contenders for this prize. Yet the winner is clear.


Sinai Indaba attracts thousands each year to a super slick and high international quality of speakers, artists and presenters in a most comfortable and respectable setting. It’s a celebration of Jewish Life and it just went ‘best’!


This year, Sinai Encore brings back the best of the best, the most popular speakers who excited and stimulated your minds, hearts and souls. The ones whom you said, “I wish I could hear them again”. Well, they’re coming to you. Here. In Cape Town. On February 24.


Book today! Click here to secure your spot.


In keeping with the communal focus of the Sinai Indaba, Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein has generously arranged for our communities to engage more intimately with the speakers on the Shabbas before. Shkayach!


Major General Yakov Amidror served as head of Israel’s national security council and senior advisor to the Prime Minister. He will be our guest for a special daven e caffe on Friday February 22. Davening at 7am, corporate breakfast and presentation 7:45-9am. Book at the shul office today!


And in another huge celebration of life and Jewish life, we bring you this Shabbas the Bar Mitzvah of Jed Kagan! Jed is a unique young man whose maturity is unquestioned and we are so proud to welcome him into Jewish adulthood.


Mazel tov to Raymond and Shana Kagan on celebrating their son Jed’s Bar Mitzvah, a milestone that gives them and us an opportunity to thank Hashem for His abundant grace and blessing. May you continue to have much nachas!


Want to win two tickets to Israel? The Chief Rabbi Cyril and Ann Harris Yeshiva of Cape Town is offering a great raffle for some awesome prizes! We are proud to host the Yeshiva and are extremely grateful for everything the Bachurim do for and in our community. If you wish to support the Yeshiva while standing a chance for great winnings, email today.


Just a few weeks ago we all stood horrified as a beloved Shul in our community burned down, taking 7 holy Torah scrolls with it. We are proud of the strides thatRabbi and Rebbetzin Thurgood, along with the Morasha community, have taken in ensuring the congregation’s continuity and growth. This Sunday, we have a chance to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in sadness and in joy.


At 10am the community will perform the sacred duty of burying the Torah fragments at Pinelands cemetery. And at 4:30pm, we can dance together as a brand new Torah scroll is inaugurated at the Weizmann campus. Mazel tov!!


Double Mazel tov to Harry and Shooshy Buchinsky! This week Harry celebrated his 85th birthday kenehora and the engagement of their grandson, Dr. Gabriel Glaun. Mazel tov, mazel tov!


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading,


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg