Shul visit
We look forward to welcoming you to our shul. For security purposes each visitor is required to produce their passport and complete the following form before visiting.




Restaurants, Deli’s, Bakeries and Supermarkets

Avron’s Place (meat)

19 Regent Road
Sea Point
021 439 7610

Goldies (meat)

174 Main Road
Sea Point
021 434 1116

Café Ritieve (milchik NOT chalav yisrael)

88 Hatfield Street
021 465 1594

Coffee Time (milchik NOT chalav yisrael)

20 Breda Street
021 465 4200

Kaplan Centre Canteen

University of Cape Town
021 650 2688

Checker’s supermarket (bakery, meat, fish, deli, sushi bar and take away’s)

Galleria Centre
Regent Road
Sea Point
021 434 5218

Spar supermarket Sea Point (deli and bakery)

99 Regent Road
Sea Point
021 4390913

Pick n Pay

Adelphi Centre (bakery – NOT pas yisroel, meat, fish, deli)
Main Road
Sea Point
021 434 8987/8

Pick n Pay

Constantia Village (meat)
021 794 6996

Pick n Pay Claremont

Kosher Shop (bakery, meat, fish, deli)
Main Road
021 674 5913


Under Beth Din supervision

Avron’s Place (Meat and Parev)

Tel. 021-439 761


Catering-Barbara Saacks (Milk)

Tel. 021 712 6830

Berkies @ The Belmont (Parev)

Tel.  082 358 0470

Bespoke Catering

David Hepple (Meat)

Tel.  082 417 2827

Carolyn’s Catering

(Milk, Meat and Parev)
Tel.  021-461 9900

Goldies Deli (Meat and Parev)

Tel.  021-434 1116
021 -439 3008

Norrie Caterers

(Milk (can do Chalav Yisrael, Meat and Parev)
Tel.  021-510 5882

Rubin, Mrs Merle

(Meat and Milk)
Tel.  021-439 1322

Mikvah Facilities


20 St John’s Road,
Sea Point
tel: +27 (0) 21 434 3740


31 Arthur’s Road
Entrance Between Merton Mews & 31 Arthur’s Road (The Shul)
tel: +27 (0) 72 954 8242

The Cape Town eruv “broadly” includes properties from Glengariff Road (Green Point/Sea Point) to Clifton 2nd beach on Victoria Road and Marine Drive on High Level Road (Bantry Bay). Ocean View Drive is partially included to Avenue Bartholemew. Most of the eruv includes the beachfront to the mountain (consult map). Anyone close to the boundaries must consult the detailed map and/or speak to Alan Levin or (hopefully) your local Rabbi.

The Eruv depends on the help of the community and at present requires funding. We have managed to construct the eruv though generous loans provided but we still need funding to repay the loans and maintain it.

View map of eruv here