12pm, 6am, & 6pm

Dear Friend,

 When I’ve appeared on TV in the past, people complained that they weren’t aware of it. So here’s a heads up! Check the Derech Eretz program on SABC2 this Sunday morning. With a 6am slot, it’s a very popular program- for insomniacs. Actually it’s very well viewed and I look forward to your feedback. For those who are still shloffing @ 6am, feel free to PVR it. And since we don’t have a television at home, you could send me a digital copy!


Heather Blumenthal is not only the Producer of SABC2 Derech Eretz- she’s also the new Director of Cape Town’s incredible Holocaust Centre. We at Marais Rd Shul are pleased to partner with her on presenting ‘Leo’s Journey’. Leo was a ‘Mengele twin’ who survived to tell the tale. His story was made into a feature film but even more powerful is how his son Richard Lowy tells the story- in his father’s own words. This coming Thursday 6pm at the Holocaust Centre. Please call the shul office for more details and to book your free seats.


Speaking of the Holocaust, Darren Marcow has twinned his Bar Mitzvah with a boy who didn’t survive the Shoa. This speaks to our Barmy boy’s sensitivity towards his people and history and makes us very excited to celebrate his Barmy this Shabbas!


Mazel tov to Laurence and Lisa Marcow on Darren’s Bar Mitzvah! Mazels to grandparents (and Shul Trustee) Les and Patsy Marcow and Ansel and LouiseNarunsky. Much nachas!


2 weeks ago Merle Shapiro returned to her Durban roots to be with her children as she celebrated her 80th birthday- mazel tov! May you be blessed with many healthy nachas filled years.


Mazel tov to Rita Gordon on the forthcoming wedding of her great grandson Ryan Gordon to Jenny Goldman in California. This is a first for the Gordon mishpocho and we wish them all mazel tov!


Mazel tov to Lawrence Abrahamson on recently celebrating his 70th birthday! Many happy nachas filled years from your fabulous family.


Welcome back to Rabbi Dr. Tatz! Rabbi Tatz will deliver the Shiur tomorrow after the brocho (12pm). “The depth of prayer: mystical tools for connection”. Not to be missed!


Condolences to Dr. Bernard Grevler and his sons, Asher and David on the passing of their wife and mother, Ruth Grevler. May Hashem grant you comfort and strength.


Shabbas and Sunday is Rosh Chodesh Elul, the month of self-reckoning before the High Holy Days. From Sunday, the Shofar is sounded each morning (aside form Shabbas) and we recite Psalm 27 morning and evening.


Warm welcome to Herzlia Weizmann Grade 1, learners, parent, grandparents, teachers and Principal! Tonight we host the kinderlach for a Grade Dinner.


Welcome to our new Bachurim! Ariel, Yedidya & Laizer have joined the Yeshiva of Cape Town and are already making their mark. Tonight’s Dinner will feature the guys and a magical moment…


Rebbetzin Sara hosts the Ladies Tehillim Circle tomorrow 5:30pm in the Shul Hall.


Shabbat Shalom, chodesh tov and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg