2 weddings and a….Batty!

Dear Friend,

King Solomon, the “wisest of men”, taught that all good things come in ‘threes’.

How appropriate when we celebrate three simchas in Shul this week!

Mazel tov to Aviv and Lindy Sachs on Lia’s Bat Mitzvah! Everyone knows that a girl turns Bat Mitzvah when she turns 12, but did you consider that 1 + 2= 3? Mazel tov to Grandparents, Matatyahu & Dalia Sachs and David & Cheryl Abromowitz. It was just 2 weeks ago that we were together celebrating a Torah donated to the Morasha community in memory of David’s brother and each family member had a chance to write a letter into the Torah. And today that celebration continues. Much nachas!

Mazel tov to Ryan Solomon on his forthcoming wedding to Janna Beck! Mazel tov to their parents, Hylton and Lee Solomon (pure Zimbabwe imports whom we’re honoured that they found their new home in our Shul) and Rodney & Sharon Beck.

And third, but not least, Greg Rubin celebrates his Ufruf this week in anticipation of his forthcoming wedding to Natalie Boas of Sydney- mazel tov! Mazel tov to Felicia Rubin and a special shout out to Greg’s late dad, Spike Rubin who was such a part of our Shul family. Felicia will be feeling the pride for both of them! Mazel tov and welcome to Natalie’s parents Harold & Beverley Boas. Enjoy the smachot!

But that’s not all the three’s:

Next Friday we welcome Major General Yaakov Amidror who will dress us on the mystery of the elusive peace with the Palestinians. Thanks to Vida e caffe for sponsoring their coffee truck and cappuccino’s for everyone! Friday, 22 February 7am shul and 7:45 breakfast and talk.

On Shabbas, next week, we will be hosting visiting personality, Rabbi Simon Jacobson! He is the bestselling author of the hugely popular “Towards a meaningful life” and a brilliant mystic and speaker. He’ll be delivering the sermon and shiur on Shabbas day, 23 February.

And all this leads up to Sinai Encore! Both these speakers will be joining a dozen other top personalities in a thrilling day of discovery and inspiration! While you could show up on the day, do yourself a favour and sign up early www.sinai-indaba.co.za!

So, don’t good things come in ‘three’s’?

Here’s another one: Mazel tov to Maurice & Gertie Baskir on their 70th Wedding Anniversary! What; What’s that got to do with three? Well, 70 is threescore and 10:). May they enjoy long healthy years of nachas!

Women’s PBM starts their 2019 year of learning this Tuesday morning in our hall. Join rabbi Hecht and others as they offer the ladies delectable options in journeys of Jewish study. Professional Beit Hamidrash has a great reputation for quality learning and experiences so don’t miss out! Email pbm.women@gmail.com today.

Condolences to Elana Rudnick on the passing of her mother, Freda Rachmel. May the family be granted comfort in this time.

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg