Dear Friend

Youth unite! The bachurim of Yeshiva of Cape Town invite all of Cape Town’s youth to a unique Friday night Shabbat celebration service! Our youth shul moves tonight to the Miller residence, 309 High Level Rd. Starts at 6:30. Included loads of sushi, music & inspiration!

Speaking of youth, it’s with great emotion that we wish our dedicated ‘Maddie’ Ruth Valentini a Mazel Tov on her marriage to Mendy Kievman! Much Mazel and blessing for this truly Cape Town simcha.

Yeshiva Night got off to a great start! Contact to get your ‘chavrusa’ (1 on 1 study partner). Monday nights 8-9.

Our community suffered a number of blows this week, leaving way too many bereft and bereaved. I ask HaShem that He provide comfort to each of the mourners amongst the mourners of Tzion & Yerushalayim. We pray for the fulfillment of His promise through our Prophets that “death be banished” and families reunited. Amen.

Our condolences to Karen Fintz, Samuel, Aaron, Vivienne, Julia & Loren on the passing of their husband and father, Joe Fintz. Joe was a true leader in the CT Jewish community, with a bird’s-eye view of Jewish Cape Town and a huge heart. His passing leaves a tremendous void.

Condolences to Jenna Bloch on the passing of her mother, Brenda Miller. Brenda will be remembered as an extremely courageous woman and we wish Jenna and her family much strength and comfort in this time.

To lose one parent is painful enough. To lose both parents in the same year, must feel like waves crashing one on top of the other. Our condolences to Robyn Bloom, Cecily Sher, Darryl Ossher, Annette Gillis and Shelley Witz on the passing of their mother, Clare Ossher. It was only eight months ago that their father was taken from them, and now their mom…May Hashem grant comfort amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

The passing of Melvyn Gordon is still an open wound. No words can suffice. Mel loved the Cape Town Jewish Community and was in turn loved by it. Our hearts go out to his wife Lessa and children Ido, Ronen, Steven and Lori and his siblings Devorah, Avril and Philip and all their families.

Condolences to Hannah Abramsohn on the passing of her brother Julius Melman.

Mazel tov to Mary Borok on the birth of a great grandson & on the marriage of her grandson, Gavin Salmenson to Shannon Lasky. At least simchos also come in two’s, much nachas!

Good news from Israel! The Zionist Fed is sending out a weekly bulletin with good news stories and I’ll try include one item each week.
Jerusalem Water on EU research project Jerusalem’s water company – has been awarded a key role on the 4-year European Union project to improve governance and social awareness of water environmental challenges. It involves setting up a Digital Social Platform to share details of water scarcity, security, quality and water consumption-related issues.

Ladies night out- Dancing with the Stars! Get a good cardio workout doing Hora dances with Rebbetzin Sara as you learn the moves that will put you in the inner circle next time you’re invited to a wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah. This Tuesday night February 9th 7pm, in the Shul Hall. Get into the joyous spirit of Adar and reserve your spot! Email

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!