Master Chef move over

Dear Friend,

Is it Master Chef? Or perhaps an episode of Breakfast show Espresso? No, it’s Batty Club’s Challah Bake with Rebbetzin Sara! Directed by Patrick Vee, the 60 women and girls were able to watch Sara on the big screen as a video camera captured her every creative move. Click here for great pics.

 And this Sunday the delightful young ladies will be celebrating their Bat Mitzvah Club graduation in our Shul. Everyone is welcome to celebrate with these 19 young ladies! It’ll be in the big Shul, 11am-12pm. Mazel Tov!

 On Thursday morning, our Shul experienced another first as Adam Marcow read from the Torah in Shachrit! Mazel Tov Adam on your Barmy, you are officially offered the position of Shachrit Torah reader!

 After such a stellar performance, we’re looking forward to a nachas-filled weekend. Mazel Tov to your parents, Laurence & Lisa Marcow, and to your grandparents Shul Trustee Les & Patsy Marcow & Ansil & Louise Narunsky. Much nachas!

 Congrats to Shirley Greenwall-Kellner on her daughter, Dr. Linda Greenwall-Cohen’s achievement in receiving the Queens Honour – British Empire Medal for services to the Dental profession. Yiddishe nachas!

 Mazel Tov to Shul honorary life member Miriam Lichterman on the marriage of her granddaughter.

 On Sunday Night, Chabad Centre in Sea Point (St Johns Rd) will be hosting an evening of inspiration based on the life of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson of blessed memory. Rabbi Shmuel Lew of the UK and a mentor to hundreds of community leaders worldwide (including yours truly) will be the featured speaker. It starts at 8pm, all welcome!

Condolences to Masha Cohen & Linda Simson on the loss of their brother Ronnie Kreel. Ronnie was an integral part of our Shul, attending services and shiurim & absolutely reveling in the Shul environment. He will be sorely missed.

 Condolences to Harry, Joanne & Janice on the loss of their father, Justin Figov.

 Keep your body- and soul- warm this winter! Join the Rabbonim for a Cholent farbrengen this Shabbas day- 12:45pm at the Shul.

 Shabbat & Sunday coincide with the festive Rosh Chodesh– the new month of Tammuz. This means we get a chance to hear the Chazan & Choir lead the joyous Hallel service. Tomorrow at 9:30am. Don’t miss it!

 Shabbat shalom, chodesh Tov & happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg