It’s (almost) here!

Dear friend,

 Chanukah is (almost) here! Although daily life continues in Chanukah (unlike a Biblical festival, which is more like Shabbas), we do have the obligation to kindle the Chanukah lights each night, beginning this Tuesday.

We also like to party! Join our community at Rush in Claremont on Thursday night 6:30-8pm where the kids will go jumping and the parents will enjoy some Chanukah time (read: doughnuts and latkes) and a Menorah lighting.

But first, you’re invited to join the Rabbis and Rebbetzins this Shabbas at the Cholent Farbrengen. 1-2pm. good food… for the soul!

I’m thrilled to see that Arthur Joffe will be reciting the Haftorah this week…54 years since he did it for his Barmy, in Marais Road Shul! Kol hakavod and belated happy birthday.

Mazel tov to Sheila Edelstein on her 90th birthday! Sheila is a committed Shul regular who’s keen intelligence keeps our shiurim sparkling. May Hashem bless you with continued good health and much nachas.

Condolences to Ida Surovsky and Shooshy Buchinsky on the passing of their sister Freda Davis. Freda was a powerhouse who made things happen for our community and for Israel. A truly gracious lady who will be sorely missed. We wish her children Denese, Marilyn, Helen and Vanessa strength and comfort in this time.

Annual Torah on the Top will take place December 20. The climb is dedicated this year to the memory Barney Hurwitz, reb Dovber ben Shimon who passed away just a few weeks ago. Barney was a regular visitor to our Shul from Jo’burg and sponsored the Torah which we take on Lion’s Head. May our climb and Torah reading be a source of comfort for the family and a tribute to his neshama.


Shabbat shalom and happy reading!