(cannot). Make. It. Rain

Dear Friend,

Have you prayed? Like, really asked the Al-mighty to send us rains and thereby alleviate this drought?

As we spoke about on Friday night, the farmer can plant the seed, nurture it’s growth and even choose the right soil. But he or she cannot. Make. It. Rain. Only Hashem can!

So it’s been heartening to see how many have come to the Shul this week to fetch a special prayer for rain. We will be reciting it publicly every Shabbas and you’re invited to join us for that prayer every Saturday at 10:30am. Thanks to Rabbi Sam Thurgood of Morasha for organizing the prayer sheets and to Sue Lazarus for actually fetching them for the Shul. May our prayers be answered with early and strong rains.

In the meantime, keep saving water! Our Shul has undertaken a number of steps to save water, including paper goods during the brocha. I understand that the bamboo plates are expensive, so limit one per person!

Well, yesterday it rained in Shul (sort of). Raining nachas, that is! Ben Sachs had his first Aliyah in the presence of a packed Small Shul filled with supporters. He was awarded the ‘best-dressed Barmy boy on a Thursday morning’ award, and he cut a dashing figure as he received his Aliyah and made the blessings flawlessly. Mazel tov to his parents Alon and Michelle Sachs! Alon and Michelle are linchpins in our community bringing together diverse people and interests- may this be the opening of many simchot in your family. Mazels to grandparents Matie & Dalia Sachs and Gerald & Linda Jacobson- much nachas!

Mazel tov to Greg & Taryn Krupp and Joan Krupp on the birth of their daughter & granddaughter! Greg will be naming his daughter tomorrow in Shul. We wish the whole family endless nachas and health. Mazel tov!

Mazel tov to Steven & Robyn Bloom on the birth of their granddaughter & Wolfie & Glickie Bloom on the birth of their great granddaughter. Lots of nachas!

What spiritual message have you learned from our water challenge? Share your inspiration at the Soul Food Farbrengen Cholent this Shabbas! Join the Rabbis and Rebbetzins for some hot cholent and a special l’chaim after the Shiur, 12:30-2pm. It’s my pleasure to sponsor the cholent in honour of Rebbetzin Sara’s birthday this Shabbas. Happy birthday!

Welcome to Dr. Reuven Jacks, chief trauma surgeon and Medical Director for Hatzalah in Johannesburg. He’ll be delivering the shiur after the brocha on the origins of genetics in the Talmud. Dr. Jacks is a thrill junkie and no doubt the shiur will be a wild ride! Tomorrow, 12-12:30pm.

Condolences to Ann Jacobs and her son Dr. Julian Jacobs on the sudden passing of their daughter and sister, Golda Jacobs. May Hashem give you comfort and strength in this time.

You may have noticed some construction going on in the Shul. We are getting set to welcome our new Grade 6 youth room! Stay tuned for further details but kid’s stuff is heating up with great children and youth services on Friday night, so come by tonight to check out the vibe!

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg