Dear Friend,

Remember the days when you’d enter a shop and a chime would ring alerting the owner to your presence? “Ding dong”.

The Shofar is that chime, which alerts us to the presence of the High Holy Days. And on Sunday we begin blowing the Shofar daily in Shul as we usher in the final month of the year, Elul.

The Rambam (Maimonides) teaches us that while sounding the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah is an unexplained instruction of the Torah, its symbolism lies in the verse, “arouse ye sleepy ones from your slumber”. It is a wake-up call to the soul and therefore a worthy practice to help us prepare for the Days of Awe.

For Jordan Osrin, Shabbat Rosh Chodesh Elul is also his personal wake-up call- it’s the day of his Bar Mitzvah!

On Monday morning, as Jordan received his first Aliyah in front of a packed Shul, I accused him of misleading us as he read the brachot like such a pro- he must’ve secretly had some aliyot in Herzlia Middle School!

Mazel tov Jordan! And mazels to your parents, Jonathan and Gita, who make everyone else feel that their simcha is truly shared. Mazel tov to Jordan’s grandparents, Maeva Osrin, Liz Kaplan and Dr. Evan Kaplan. Much yiddishe nachas!

Can there be a sweeter wake-up call than a newborn baby’s cry? On Thursday morning, the Shul filled up again as Adam Zartz received an Aliyah and named his and Aura’s firstborn daughter. Mazel Tov Adam and Aura on the birth of baby Leah! Mazel tov to the proud grandmothers, Dore Kleinberger & Cheryl Zartz! Adam and Aura’s journey has been Marais Road Shul’s story as well and we wish them all the mazel and brocha in the world for good health and much nachas from baby Leah Zartz.

Last week, Avi Netter received an Aliyah on Shabbat as he celebrated the 67th anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah. Do the math and you learn that he just turned 80- Mazel tov! May you and Rivka continue to enjoy much nachas, in good health.

Mazel tov to veteran chorister Percy Bruss on the engagement of his granddaughter, Keren Shimoni to Bradley Neutal. Much nachas!

Shul regular Hymie & Shirley Waldman just celebrated the birth of their great-granddaughter in Israel. What nachas, Mazel tov!

And a Uge Mazel tov to Hymie Phillips on the birth of his first grandchild! Enjoy this special time and may you only have much nachas!

The monthly Ladies Tehillim Circle with Rebbetzin Sara, takes place on Shabbat day, 5:15pm in the Shul Hall. All ladies welcome!

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz packs audiences wherever he speaks. And he’s coming to our Shul! Diarize Thursday night August 23 in our Shul Hall. Stay tuned for more details.

Condolences to Ian ‘Kappie’ Kaplan and Juliette Gordon on the passing of their mother, Esther Kaplan. Esther was a joyous presence in our Shul and she will be sorely missed. We wish all her 5 children and their families strength and comfort in this time.

Professor Abraham Steinberg is the world’s leading authority on Medical Jewish Law. A paediatric Neurologist, as well as a leading Rabbi and most eloquent speaker, he is relied upon the world over to answer halachic questions ranging from heart transplantation to genetic manipulation and surrogacy.

Rabbi Professor Steinberg will be our resident scholar for the weekend of August 30-September 2. Get ready for your front row seat to cutting edge medical technology and timeless Torah’s reaction to it. Stay tuned!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg