Dear Friend,

Have you ever recalled your childhood & felt embarrassed? I know I have. Silly things that were said, an excitement for objects of no real value…

But then I learned the value of age-appropriate. True, as an adult, these activities would be less than impressive, but they were age-appropriate for that time and place.

Sometimes it’s the reverse: I find myself looking at an adult and seeing the child. I expect them to act as a child because that’s how I knew him or her- but they’re all grown up!

I had this sort of experience yesterday morning as I called up Kai Seeff for his first Aliyah: there was a new (Jewish) man in the house! Yet, all I could see was the adorable kid/man who, for the last 8 years would politely and seriously greet me each Shabbas as he followed his dad into Shul…

Mazel Tov to Samuel & Simone Seeff on celebrating Kai’s Bar Mitzvah! Mazels to grandparents, Stanley & Pam Stein and my Chavruta (study partner) Carmella Seeff.You’ve been experiencing Kai’s nachas for a long time- now it’s just more age-appropriate!

Mazel tov to Ada Fuchs on her 90th Birthday! It’s been a great year for Ada, having just celebrated her grandson’s wedding, may she be blessed with a great decade ahead of good health and nachas.

Condolences to Nicki Chilchik on the loss of her mother, Yvonne Braude, in Johannesburg, and to Estelle Landauer on the passing of her brother, Michael Katz. May Hashem grant you each comfort and strength in this difficult time.

Yeshiva of Cape Town starts a…DOJO? Yep, Yakov Bloch is a trained instructor in martial arts and is now offering lessons for all ages at our Shul. See the Shmooze for more details.

Yeshiva Night has restarted for 2019! Monday Nights, 8-9pm. Contact to book your personal Torah trainer!

Tomorrow we read the Ten Commandments, and thereby re-experience the great revelation and foundation of our faith. Be there! 9:45am at Marais Road Shul…

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg