Get ready for a special edition of The PURIM Zervice! Drosho by ‘Rov’ Nik Rabinowitz, mix your own cocktail with master mixologist Kevin from Liquid Concepts, fun Purim interactive Kahoot! Game and of course all the other stuff you are used to from your rabbis, Cantor & producer Selwyn!


Pls bring the ingredients to the zoom so you could make your cocktail & even win a prize!!

Thanks to Mike & Sara Abel for their sponsorship of today’s Zervice in honour of the Barmy of their youngest son, Anthony. Mazel Tov!!

Mazel Tov Anthony on your Barmy, your first Aliyah today on Purim with everybody listening to Megillah from near & far plus all those incredible speeches was something unique. Mazel Tov to your parents Sara & Mike who are champions of authenticity & justice. Mazels to your fab grandparents Bernie Abel and Benjy & Michelle Lapiner. Enjoy the nachas!!

I’m pleased to say that our mystery mishloach manot oversold and over 150 seniors will be receiving a Shabbat themed packet, fulfilling the mitzvah of mishloach manot in a most beautiful fashion. Shkayach to Kerry & Ko. for not allowing practicalities like stock and time stop her from filling every order we received!

Last night’s Purim lifted my spirits as the hamentash bake led by Rebbetzin Sara brought dozens of kids into our Shul safely for a great time! Thanks Kerry & Debra for ensuring everything ran smoothly, really felt like old times!

Mazel Tov to Sara Ben-Tovim on her Birthday, to Selwyn & Rochelle Urisohn on their 60th Wedding Anniversary, to Hymie Phillips on the birth of his grandson & to Hymie & Shirley Waldman on the birth of their great granddaughter. Much nachas & joy!!

Condolences to Richard & Adrian Wolman on the passing of their father, Gerald Wolman. Gerald was an icon in Cape Town and will be sorely missed.

Mincha in Shul tonight 6:30PM.

All bookings are at & should be done by 12pm Friday each week!

Shachrit tomorrow is 8:30-10:30am in the Hall to accommodate the Bar Mitzvah in the big Shul.

Purim is fun- and easy! Hear the Megillah today (find one today in cape town!

Give 2 food items to at least two people.

Give charity to the poor (not in your box, actually to a poor individual or organization helping the needy).

Eat a feast!!

And join the Zervice! (Not a Mitzvah but lots of fun and in the right spirit, if you get my drift ;))

Shabbat shalom, fabulously happy reading and a smashingly (he he) joyous Purim!