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Dear Friend,

What a way to commemorate 1 year of the Coronavirus! Yesterday morning, as everyone is reflecting on the “first year”, we celebrated three simchos in one morning, with each aliyah being a joyous occasion: Jamie & Gabriel Palmer’s first aliyah, and Devorah Kramer’s baby naming!!

Mazel Tov , Mazel Tov to Anthony & Robyn Palmer and grandparents, Michael & Nadia Palmer and Leo Davis on this double celebration of Gabriel & Jamie’s Bar Mitzvah! Each of these Barmy boys is a unique individual but they share a mentchlichkeit & maturity that is refreshing.

Mazels to Darren & Gia Kramer on the birth of their daughter, Devorah, and to Arthur & Lauren Gillis on the birth of their

granddaughter! Much nachas from this beautiful addition to the family, kenehora.

And why stop there? This week Ryan & Janna Solomon celebrated the bris of their son Aharon! Much nachas and blessing.

Such is the circle of life that, that very evening, Ryan’s grandmother Florence Solomon sadly passed away after a prolonged illness. Condolences to Hylton Solomon on the loss of his mother, and to the entire family. May she be a good advocate on high.

But the simchos keep rolling in! Baruch HaShem! Mazel Tov to Adi & Aliyah Kaimowitz on the birth of their son! We are so happy for your new addition and pray it brings even more brocho into your lives.

We wanted her with us forever, but of course that can’t be. Sadly we bid farewell to Ettie Buch this week. Today will be the first Friday in a year (since lockdown) not to receive a “good Shabbos and a gutte voch” phone call from Ettie, and like so many of you, I feel bereft. Condolences to her daughters Lynette Yach & Beverly Movson and the entire Mishpocho. Words can’t do justice to this beautiful and joyous Centenarian that we were gifted to have with us for so long. May you be comforted by the shared grief of so many.

Condolences to Cynthia Friedman on the loss of her husband and to Gavin Friedman on the loss of his father, Martin Friedman. Martin was a good friend to many and will be missed.

Pesach is fast approaching and with it the responsibility we have to others. Indeed, it’s the first laws that we are taught in Laws of Pesach, to ensure that everyone’s Pesach & Seder needs are met. The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund will once again support those who need to go shopping and get basic needs or purchase meals, Matza, wine & other Seder items, in addition to other needs. To take part in this Mitzvah, please make a deposit into the following bank account

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Bidvest Savings

Acct 4119444001

branch 462005

ref: your name

Nb. Investec account holders should add two zeroes to the beginning of account number.

Please note that the Shul will not accept any funds on behalf of the Discretionary Fund, so any monies directed to the Fund, must be made directly. If you wish to write a cheque, please be in touch with me directly.

Mazel Tov to Esther Kluk, Deborah Koping and Alfred Rosenberg on their special Birthdays!! Much nachas, health and a great decade ahead.

Our Shul is planning a whole host of supportive & educational activities for Pesach. Stay tuned for details next week.

Shabbat shalom & happy reading!