Dear Friend,
Welcome home to the Morasha community! Baruch HaShem, after 2 1/2 years of homelessness, Rabbi Sam & Aviva Thurgood and their community are returning into a rebuilt Shul with a rejuvenated and strengthened community. Much blessing for success in your renewal. May Hashem’s presence “rest in the work of your hands” and may you go from strength to strength!
Since August 2020, we have joined with Morasha in evening services at the Weizmann parking lot. With the advent of winter and Morasha’s return to their permanent premises, we at Marais Road Shul will return to our small Shul for evening services from this Sunday 5:45pm. Of course, just as in our regular morning services, all covid protocols will be in place. No advance registration is expected for non Shabbas services, just arrive!
Morasha will still join us in the mornings at Marais Road until they’re ready to go it alone. We are very proud of our association these past months and the partnership, which is a vivid example of unity in our community. Huge thanks to Morasha and to Herzlia for hosting us in the evenings.
Coming to shul in Shabbos? Let us know! Https://
Zervice is at 5:30pm. Https://
Mazel Tov to Hannah Soffer on the birth of her great grandson, Ishai, born in Israel; to Justin Pia Munitz on the birth of their son & to Milton and Jenny Munitz & Etzio and Robyn De Biaggi on the birth of their grandson!! Much nachas and joy!
Mazels to Joel Abramowitz on his Birthday & Ryan Epstein on his Birthday. A great year and decade ahead!

Mazel Tov to Leonard & Karen Yankelowitz on their 50th Wedding Anniversary; to Hilda Wilck on the engagement of her grandson, Joshua Todes to Dani Victor. Much nachas and joy!

Condolences to Michelle, Rebecca, Brian & Bernard on the loss of their mother Ida Surovsky & to Shoshana Buchinsky on the loss of her sister. Much strength and comfort.

See the Shmooze for info on next week’s lag B’Omer special children service edition. Children services are up and running- 6pm  tonight- so bring your kids!

Shabbat shalom & happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Marais Road Shul
w. 021 439 7543

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