Dear Friend,

Last week’s uncontrollable fire also unleashed uncontrollable acts of kindness and generosity! How amazing it was to hear organizers ask for people to stop contributing foodstuffs as they were overwhelmed. I had the privilege to be at the Roeland St. Fire station and see the amazing operation in action. Our Shul responded swiftly and generously so that by 3pm last Monday, hundreds of litres of water and tons of snacks and energy drinks had been dropped at the Shul. Click here to see some pics. Shkayach!

Tragically last night the celebrations at the resting place of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai at Mount Miron in Northern Israel turned to tragedy. Dozens of precious lives lost and hundreds injured.  While the instinct is to blame and explain, I believe it’s way too early for that as no one really knows what happened. We should all take a moment to mourn the dead with an extra good deed and say some prayers for the wounded. Here’s a link for psalm 20.

Mazel Tov to Judge Dennis Davis on his upcoming Birthday. News reports have announced his retirement from the bench & we wish him much success and blessing in his law career going forward.

Mazel Tov to our beloved centenarian Bertha Meltzer on the birth of her great great grandson in London! Much nachas.

Zervice tonight at 5:15pm-5:45pm

Mincha at Shul 6pm; tomorrow morning 9:30am.

Condolences to Neicia Wallace on the loss of her beloved Percy & Jeffrey Bruss, Gary Bruss & Carol Shimoni on the loss of their father, Shul chorister Percy Bruss. Percy sang at Marais Road Shul, I believe for over 50 years and has been singing in Shul choirs his whole life. I will forever remember his solo at birkat hachodesh, which he performed so beautifully. He loved Shul, Judaism and music and was loved by all. He will be sorely missed. We wish his family strength and comfort.

Condolences to Myra Osrin on the passing of her brother, Sydney Rappaport. We wish Myra, Avril and the children comfort in this tough time.

Condolences to Gerald Spilkin on the passing his brother, Dr. Stephen Spilkin of Gqeberha (okay, P.E.). We wish you and the family strength & comfort.

Monday night Tanya for everyone will be at 8pm. Click Https:// to register.  Thursday’s 1pm Zoom Shiur is thankfully also gaining traction and everyone invited! Same link as the Zervice, above.

Shabbat shalom & happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg