Dear Friend,

Baruch HaShem Israel is quieter today and with HaShem’s help- and incredible bravery of the IDF- millions of Israelis will sleep in their own beds tonight- rather than a bomb shelter- and resume schooling on Sunday.

But as I told the morning Minyan today just before our daily Tehillim for Eretz Yisrael, Israel needs our prayers now more than ever. After over 4000 rockets raining indiscriminately over Israel, no one there feels safer than they did 12 days ago. Sadly, our enemies learned that they could willfully terrorize us while committing war crimes, yet the Jewish victims will be blamed. (Isn’t there a word for that?) So please keep our Israeli brothers and sisters in your prayers.

Zervice will be at 5PM!

The Shul AGM will take place this Wednesday 7PM at the Shul premises.

Condolence to Natalie Goodman on the passing of her husband Reuben (Israel) Goodman. Ruby was a regular in Shul and will be sorely missed. May Natalie & their daughter Leigh be blessed with strength & comfort.

Condolences to Shirley Smiedt on the loss of her brother, Robert Hammerschlag. Wish you strength & comfort.

While there many highlights this Shavuot, the energetic large children services were certainly my favorite! And they continue Tonight @ 6PM and tomorrow 10:30am. Bring your kids to Shul!

Mazel Tov to Adele Fish on the birth of her granddaughter, Jessie Resnick, in Joburg. Much nachas!!

This Shabbas, Lawrence & Melanie Stein will be at Sephardi Shul to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson, Ryan Almelah, son of the Iconic Avron(‘s) & Hayley Elmaleh. Mazal Tov, enjoy the nachas!!

Shabbat shalom & happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg