Dear Friend,

You know how they say, “better late than never”? Well, I’ve been wondering if that can mean, that some things are actually better when dished out late!

Like a young man who chooses his Bar Mitzvah. You see, every 13 year old will honour his Barmy, learn the prayers, prepare his portion- you get the idea. But Matt Wilck got out of it! Yes, we celebrated his special moment online, during the depths of Lockdown, and Matt was a star. But that could have been the end of it.

Yet, this young man who recently celebrated his 14th birthday has opted to come and get his first Aliyah, and this Shabbas he will read “his” portion in Shul with family & friends.

Shkayach Matt for celebrating your Bar Mitzvah anniversary in such a meaningful way- Mazel Tov!! Mazels also to your parents, David & Lauren Wilck & to your grandparents, Hilda Wilck and Diane & Robert Feinblum. It’s no wonder when you consider that David served on the Shul committee for many years, and Robert served as a Shul Trustee- and still can pick up any Haftorah without batting an eye. Much nachas- it will be even better late!

Zervice at 5PM. HTTPS://

To book shul for Shabbos

Mazel Tov to Hillel & Josie Chemel on the birth of their son! Much nachas and blessing from your newest addition.

Mazel Tov to June Cline & David Ash on their special birthdays; to Shul committee member Ian & Anne-Marie Kaplan on their 25th Wedding Anniversary & to chorister Sam & Reva Chait on their 65th Wedding Anniversary! Much joy happiness & love in your years ahead.

Mazel Tov to Carol Marks & Terrence Felder on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter in Dallas, Texas. Much nachas!!

Condolences to Daisy Black on the tragic loss of her daughter, Felice Klinkert. May HaShem grant you comfort.

Join Cantor Joffe for an online Havdalah Service! Saturday night, 7:30PM.

Monday night’s Tanya for Everyone continues at 8pm.

Rabbi Hecht’s, “the Kabbalah of you” course finishes this coming Tuesday night.

Shabbat shalom & happy reading!