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On Shabbat, we observe Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av & the beginning of the 9 Days of mourning leading up to the fast of Tish’a B’Av, which will be observed next Saturday night & Sunday (July 17 & 18). For more info on this period & its observances, pls see the Shmooze & check out this link

Once again, today’s Zervice will include a prayer for healing & a Hazkara for the departed. In addition, we will be praying together for a quick resolution to this 3rd wave, particularly in the Western Cape, where we pray that it doesn’t go the route of the 2nd wave, Heaven forfend. Please bring coins (or notes!) & a Tzedaka box for charity. Torah. Tefilla. Tzedaka!

Zervice will be at 4:45PM. Https:// My message is titled, “Zuma, lawlessness & the real reason for Antisemitism”.

Wondering what’s the fuss of this Temple that we seem to be missing? This week we’re offering 2 incredible programs to connect you to the Holy Temple- diarize today!

Rabbi Avraham Stolik has been called the “Jewish Indiana Jones” a d is quite the amateur archeologist. He will take us on a Virtual tour of the secrets uncovered beneath the Temple Mount. Uncover the mystery of how the huge stones were lifted. Experience a thrilling virtual tour as a visiting pilgrim. Not to be missed!! Wednesday July 14 8:00PM on Zoom:

On Thursday night we get to spend time with one of the most thrilling contemporary Jewish minds, Rabbi David Lapin. An international Business consultant & author, SA born Rabbi Lapin is a brilliant teacher. Speaking to us from Israel, he’ll address the elephant in the 9 Days room: Are you really sad over the Temple? Thursday 15 July 7:45PM. See the attached poster for Zoom login details.

Mazel Tov to Cynthia Cohen on her birthday & to Alec Cohen on his 92nd birthday! Many happy, healthy, nachas filled years.

Condolences to Julian Jacobs on the passing of his mother, Anne Jacobs. A true Yiddishe lady. May HaShem grant you comfort in this time.

Missing Shul? Join the Rabbis each morning & evening for Torah study & prayer! We can’t bring you the Brocho, but we can fill your heart, mind & soul with a bit of nourishment.

8am Monday-Friday: Daily Torah study with yours truly. Https:// password Maraisroad

5:30PM Sunday-Thursday: Halacha with Rabbi Hecht. HTTPS:// password 1836

Followed by Maariv at 6PM.

Shabbat shalom & happy reading!