A Genetically engineered Chazan?

Dear Friend, 

Mazel Tov to Steven & Dani Rosenberg on Zach’s virtual Barmy yesterday! Zach is a leading member of our youth choir & he truly sang like an angel. It’s no surprise, considering how steeped his genes are in music. I hear his dad has a magnificent voice, his great grandfather Max Badash is a legend in our town (& brother of our Cantor Emeritus, Philip Badash) and Cantor Joffe explained that his grandmother Jackie Rosenberg is from the esteemed choral Rapaport family!

Truly Zach stood on his own 2 feet as he chanted maftir & Haftorah (minus G-d’s name in the blessings as it wasn’t on Shabbos, or with a Torah). His sparkling personality shone through in his remarks and we look forward to his continuous involvement in our Shul! 

Mazel Tov Zach! We look forward to hearing you in Shul VERY soon. And Mazels to your grandparents Mervyn & Jackie Rosenberg and Louise & Barry Slavin and great grandmother, Zelda Badash. Much nachas!

Mazel Tov to Lewis Heilbron and Jenna Bloch on their special birthdays. A great decade ahead! 

Zervice will be 6-6:30 this evening. We’re trial running a more punchy 30 minute program as we return to Shul. Shul service will start at 6:30PM. 

Zervice link: https://zoom.us/j/4545201917 password Maraisroad 

To book shul Service (please before 12PM) https://forms.gle/XFEJLHgUdTif7NLk8

Tomorrow we read the 10 commandments in Shul so great time to return!! Morning Tefillah is 9:30-11:30AM, Mincha Tomorrow is at 7:30PM.

On Sunday night, Miriam Lichterman’s sons, Cantors Ivor & Joel are hosting an SA chazzanut evening, which will include our cantor Emeritus Philip Badash & Cantor Joffe. Please see attached poster. 

On Monday night, Tanya for Everyone continues at 8PM. Although we are following the text, each week has a stand-alone topic and value. So you’re always welcome to join! To register visit https://tinyurl.com/tanyatalks2. To hear the audio recording of this week’s class on Jewish leadership: https://tinyurl.com/6jc2c6w7

Rabbi Hecht continues his ‘Moral Dilemmas’ course on Tuesday evening 8:15. There’s no dilemma- you most definitely should join! 

Condolences to Anne Peimer on the loss of her brother, Joseph Varkul. I know that physical distance never interfered in their relationship and I wish Anne strength and comfort. 

This coming week we usher in the joyous month of Adar! Please G-d, we should have much to rejoice in the coming month ahead. 

Shabbat Shalom & happy reading!