A haphazard story

Dear Friend,

Life never comes in neat packages. Unlike storytelling, events don’t get neatly wrapped up in a bow of circumstance; they occur haphazardly and on top of each other.

So it was, as we entered into the month of Av, Judaism’s saddest month, that we celebrated a baby naming and a daven e special!

Mazel tov to Trevor, Dalya & Becca Abromowitz on the birth of their daughter & sister, Sara Nava. And a special thank you for bringing in an element of joy into this season of the our calendar. May you have much nachas and may your ever growing family bring joy to all around you.

And in another expression of joy, we wish mazel tov to Adi, Ally and Azriella Kaimowitz on the birth of their son and brother! We look forward to the bris, which will also shine a light of joy into the ‘Nine Days’. Much nachas!

And in a further injection of joy, mazel tov to Terry & Adrienne Berelowitz on the birth of their grandson! Much mazel and nachas on your bundle of joy.

Our Shtibl is hosting its monthly service again, this Shabbas- all welcome! Shiur by Rabbi Hecht at 8:30am and service starts at 9.

Mommy and Me restarts this Shabbas with Rebbetzin Chani. 10:30-11:30am RSVP 0825339724.

Join Rebbetzin Sara this Shabbas for Ladies Tehillim Circle and a shiur: “Temple Rubble & misplaced humility”. 5pm in the Shul Hall.

Next Saturday night and Sunday will be the fast of Tish’a b’Av. Please diarize a special event next Saturday night: The Light of Fire – A powerful contemporary film on one person’s destruction & renewal. Created by noted filmmaker Bentzi Avtzon. 7pm Eicha, 8pm Film followed by guided discussion.

Learn. Love. Pray. Ladies, connect deeply to the High Holy Days in my 6 week course. Tuesday mornings 9:15-10am in the Shul Hall. Part of the PBMW course offerings. For more info nechama@torahcitywide.co.za.

Condolences to Ronnie Levin & Tamara Lenoff on the passing of their father, Benny Levin and to Pamela Koonin on her loss.

Have you had any interaction with ‘our’ Bachurim? Well. It’s time to say “thank you and lehitraot”. (This is where the sadness of the nine days kicks in…)

While we are sad to see them go, we are so appreciative of the contribution the Bachurim and the Chief Rabbi Cyril and Ann Harris Yeshiva of Cape Town has had on our community.

Please diarize August 15 7:30-9pm in the Shul Hall as we reflect on an awesome year together with Shabtai, Yakov and Amitai (who will be extending his stay until December!).

Mazel tov to Dinky Braun on her Special Birthday! Lester and Dinky are Shul stalwarts and we’re thrilled to celebrate this happy moment with them. Only brocha and mazel!

Mazel tov to Arnold and Hillary Murcia on the engagement of their grandson, Wade Miller to Dani Meyer. Hillary brings such joy and commitment into our Shul office and we’re happy to celebrate this simcha with you. Much nachas!

Shabbat shalom and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg