A Mensch Weekend

Dear Friend,


Can you spare an hour this Sunday to be a Mensch?

Mensch Day is an international Jewish initiative, creating a day of focused giving. Marais Road Shul has teamed up with Jedi Tedi, a charity run by our members Shana and Jed Kagan, and we’ll be painting The Homestead in Zonnebloem from 10-4pm! So, pls give an hour of your time, bring along some family and give something back to our society. Call 0214397543 or 0828953960 to book your time. Full details in the Shmooze.

Speaking of Mensch’s, mazel tov to Zev Schapiro on his Barmy this Shabbos! For the past 2 years, Zev has been joining his friend’s barmy experiences at Tefillin mornings and Shabbas Shul. Always polite and respectful, Zev makes a true impression, and now it’s his turn!

Mazel tov to his parents Allan & Briony Schapiro and grandparents, Sally Schapiro and Dennis & Hilary Nick. Much nachas!

Brian and Adele Fuchs have been a part of our community for ages (Brian’s mom, Ada, was just honoured for 50 years of service to Wizo, Bnoth Zion in SA!) and we are so thrilled to be celebrating with them this weekend as they prepare for the wedding of their son Daren to Megan Mayan Gouws. Mazel tov!!

Huge mazels to Daren and Megan who have become such a part of Shul life and enriched us so deeply with their example. We are looking forward to the Ufruf and celebrating together, as your simcha is our simcha! Big mazel tov to Megan’s parents, Peter and Sally and to grandparents Ada Fuchs and Esther Furman.

Mazel tov to our committed Shul regulars Gerald & Brenda Spilkin on their 60th Wedding Anniversary! May you blessed by Hashem with all you wish for and may we celebrate together at your 70th anniversary in good health and nachas. Mazel tov!

Many have asked me how my trip to NY was. While I did share a bit at the shiur and Seuda last Shabbas, Rabbi Hecht and I will unpack our trips at a Soul Food Farbrengen, tomorrow after the shiur. Join us for hot cholent (ty Rebbetzin Sara!) and l’chaims for a bit of inspiration and to congratulate Rov Hecht on his first NYC Marathon! Pop in from 12:45-1:45pm.

A HUGE welcome to our Grade 6’s Herzlia Weizmann who are celebrating their graduation Grade dinner with us tonight. I say HUGE because we’re packing in almost 200 people tonight for Shabbas dinner! The turnout is an indication of how popular these dinners have become. HUGE shkayach to Principal Mr. Krupenia and his fab teaching staff. We look forward to the graduates leading us in tonight’s dinner.

Finally, a warm welcome to Glendale residents who will be joining us for Shabbas day services and the brocho. These guys always get involved in the Service, lifting up everyone’s spirits. Shkayach!


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


And PS. Be a Mensch, give an hour this Sunday!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg