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Welcome Rov Nik (& other happy Purim stuff)

Get ready for a special edition of The PURIM Zervice! Drosho by ‘Rov’ Nik Rabinowitz, mix your own cocktail with master mixologist Kevin from Liquid Concepts, fun Purim interactive Kahoot! Game and of course all the other stuff you are used to from your rabbis, Cantor & producer Selwyn!

A Genetically engineered Chazan?

Dear Friend,  Mazel Tov to Steven & Dani Rosenberg on Zach’s virtual Barmy yesterday! Zach is a leading member of our youth choir & he truly sang like an angel. It’s no surprise, considering how steeped his genes are in music. I hear his dad has a magnificent voice, his great grandfather Max Badash is a legend in our […]

Shul is virtually open!

Last week’s Zervice combined a tribute to Rabbi Maizels OBM as well as a celebration of Josh Garvin’s Bar Mitzvah- truly a wide range of emotion! Incredibly, over 350 people joined and the feedback shows how technology is allowing us to truly connect.  So, join us this evening! Zervice will be at 6PM, click here to join https://zoom.us/j/4545201917 password Maraisroad.  Shiurim have […]

Let’s look forward

Dear Friend, I pray that the new calendar year be one of revealed blessing and renewed hope. May HAShem protect us all. Happy new year! Tonight’s Zervice will be at 6PM as there is no in-shul Tefilla. HTTPS://zoom.us/j/4545201917 password Maraisroad.  Mazel Tov to Perez Bloom, Wolfie Bloom & committee member Neville Scher on their special birthdays. Many years of good health […]

Join us in prayer- & nachas

Dear Friend, In light of the second wave of the Coronavirus in Cape Town, the community under guidance from medical experts, Chief Rabbi’s office and the Rabbinical Association of the Western Cape has instituted that a shul service have no more than 50 people at a time.  Tomorrow morning’s Shul service will be at 8:30am to […]

Secrets of a Centenarian.

Dear Friend, It’s almost surreal, but I’m thrilled to share that we’re once again celebrating a Bar Mitzvah in Shul on Shabbas!  Mazel Tov to Troy Haskel on celebrating his Barmy this Shabbas. Troy has approached this milestone with an earnestness that is simply endearing and I know his family are shepping such nachas!  Mazel Tov to […]

Hello? This is Israel calling!

Wow! The messages are just pouring in. Last night’s Unity Yizkor Service really touched people and allowed us to connect to the souls of our loved ones. To the almost 500 people who participated (from as far as Australia, the UK & Israel), thank you for making the event so special.  Missed it? No problem! […]

Rabbi’s Blog

Dear Friend,

Well, first things first. Tonight’s Zervice takes you into our Shul! All the technology that you’re used to from home, is moving into the Shul to create a special musical davening experience.

The Zervice (and in person Shul service) will begin at 5:30pm.

To book your Shul seat for Shabbas- or for Rosh Hashanah- visit https://shulsystem.milanmedia.co.za.

Happy Birthday Ella!

Dear Friend, If you missed our amazing Tisha b’av program, here’s a link. Grant Gochin & Silvia Foti told an incredible tale of their post-Holocaust fight for truth & justice. Click here to watch the event  https://tinyurl.com/y6g6k8yn. And if last week’s ‘revenge’ of the birth of a great grandson wasn’t enough, our honorary life member […]

Revenge & post Holocaust

Dear Friend, Grant Gochin went on a search for his family’s murderers in Lithuania. His search for truth led him to Sylvia, granddaughter of the very butcher he was seeking. Their tale of a fearless fight for truth will be shared on Wednesday night, Tish’a b’Av.  “Destruction of Life, rejection of truth” is a post Holocaust modern tale of the fight […]