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Happy times?

Dear Friend,

Thank G-d for Simchos!

As the country is hunkers down in Level 3, it is a great joy to be able to celebrate happy news within our community and beyond.

Mazel tov to Mandy Rozowsky on celebrating her Bat Mitzvah on Zoom this afternoon!

Help us help you

Dear Friend,

In the race between the third wave and vaccination rollout, the third wave took a big leap forward this week. While we’re not currently changing any behaviors at the Shul, it’s imperative that all guidelines are carefully observed. This includes staying home with even the slightest symptoms, carefully wearing your mask indoors and regularly sanitizing hands. Together we will keep the Shul’s status as a very safe space!

Better late?

Dear Friend,

You know how they say, “better late than never”? Well, I’ve been wondering if that can mean, that some things are actually better when dished out late!

Like a young man who chooses his Bar Mitzvah. You see, every 13 year old will honour his Barmy, learn the prayers, prepare his portion- you get the idea. But Matt Wilck got out of it! Yes, we celebrated his special moment online, during the depths of Lockdown, and Matt was a star. But that could have been the end of it.

There’s a word for that.

Dear Friend,

Baruch HaShem Israel is quieter today and with HaShem’s help- and incredible bravery of the IDF- millions of Israelis will sleep in their own beds tonight- rather than a bomb shelter- and resume schooling on Sunday.

Uncontrollable energy

Dear Friend,

Last week’s uncontrollable fire also unleashed uncontrollable acts of kindness and generosity! How amazing it was to hear organizers ask for people to stop contributing foodstuffs as they were overwhelmed. I had the privilege to be at the Roeland St. Fire station and see the amazing operation in action. Our Shul responded swiftly and generously so that by 3pm last Monday, hundreds of litres of water and tons of snacks and energy drinks had been dropped at the Shul. Click here https://tinyurl.com/wxdk7jma to see some pics. Shkayach!

Welcome home!

Dear Friend,

Welcome home to the Morasha community! Baruch HaShem, after 2 1/2 years of homelessness, Rabbi Sam & Aviva Thurgood and their community are returning into a rebuilt Shul with a rejuvenated and strengthened community. Much blessing for success in your renewal. May Hashem’s presence “rest in the work of your hands” and may you go from strength to strength!

1 year anniversary- a celebration of life!

Zervice 6-6:30PM!


Dear Friend,

What a way to commemorate 1 year of the Coronavirus! Yesterday morning, as everyone is reflecting on the “first year”, we celebrated three simchos in one morning, with each aliyah being a joyous occasion: Jamie & Gabriel Palmer’s first aliyah, and Devorah Kramer’s baby naming!!

Mazel Tov , Mazel Tov to Anthony & Robyn Palmer and grandparents, Michael & Nadia Palmer and Leo Davis on this double celebration of Gabriel & Jamie’s Bar Mitzvah! Each of these Barmy boys is a unique individual but they share a mentchlichkeit & maturity that is refreshing.

Welcome Rov Nik (& other happy Purim stuff)

Get ready for a special edition of The PURIM Zervice! Drosho by ‘Rov’ Nik Rabinowitz, mix your own cocktail with master mixologist Kevin from Liquid Concepts, fun Purim interactive Kahoot! Game and of course all the other stuff you are used to from your rabbis, Cantor & producer Selwyn!

Shul is virtually open!

Last week’s Zervice combined a tribute to Rabbi Maizels OBM as well as a celebration of Josh Garvin’s Bar Mitzvah- truly a wide range of emotion! Incredibly, over 350 people joined and the feedback shows how technology is allowing us to truly connect.  So, join us this evening! Zervice will be at 6PM, click here to join https://zoom.us/j/4545201917 password Maraisroad.  Shiurim have […]

Let’s look forward

Dear Friend, I pray that the new calendar year be one of revealed blessing and renewed hope. May HAShem protect us all. Happy new year! Tonight’s Zervice will be at 6PM as there is no in-shul Tefilla. HTTPS://zoom.us/j/4545201917 password Maraisroad.  Mazel Tov to Perez Bloom, Wolfie Bloom & committee member Neville Scher on their special birthdays. Many years of good health […]