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Men’s Yeshiva Night: Tue 8pm

The Rabbis will pair you with a Yeshiva study partner for ‘one on one’ learning and introduce you to the exciting world of Yeshiva learning, seeking modern solutions from our ancient text. Click here to register

Discussion Group: Wed 8pm

The group encourages active participation & questions. Topics range from Science, Torah, to the Parsha of the Week. The convenor is Dr. Michael Renan.

Toldot in a Nutshell Genesis 25:19-28:9

Yitzchak and Rivka endure twenty childless years, until their prayers are answered and Rivka conceives. She experiences a difficult pregnancy as the “children struggle inside her”; G‑d tells her that “there are two nations in your womb,” and that the younger will prevail over the elder. Esav emerges first; Yakov is born clutching Esav’s heel. […]

Parsha Thoughts – Toldot

And one people shall be stronger than the other (Gen. 25:23) Rashi comments: When one rises, the other falls. Jacob and Esau symbolize the struggle between the G-dly soul and the animal soul, between a person’s good and evil inclinations. When a Jew’s G-dly soul is dominant and exerts itself, there is no need to […]

What Makes a Criminal? Toldot

In recently read a report which focused on the nature of evil. The report stated that, for the most part, those guilty of the most heinous violent crimes tend to fit an otherwise “average” description. Time and again, the neighbours of a mass murderer were shocked to find that the “nice guy who lived next […]