Can you count the rain drops?

Dear Friend,

Why is it that we only appreciate something when we lose it? It’s a truism that distance makes the heart grow fonder (and the memory fuzzier, but no matter). The less we have of something the more we want it- and appreciate it!

Our favourite pastime is complaining about the weather; it’s either too hot or too cold, or raining. Yet the weather has been forecasting rain- for once accurately- and yet we’re all ecstatic! It’s no joke when you realize we have had less than 100 days of water in supply. That’s when we learn to appreciate the blessing that is rain.

The trick is to recall the blessing even when it rains on your parade (or drizzles, as President Donald Trump insists).

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s remember that the drought is far from over. In addition to all the water restrictions, we need to simply pray to Hashem for rain. So join the Jewish community, Rabbonim and the Chief Rabbi at Herzlia High School on Wednesday February 8 at 2:30pm to collectively beseech Hashem to bring the rains. The essence of prayer is an acknowledgement of the ultimate power of G-d; it is faith’s highest expression.

Speaking of faith, Benji Anstey is a living, breathing expression of faith and he’s celebrating his Bar Mitzvah this Shabbas! Mazel tov to Gary and Viv Anstey on their son’s Barmy and to Benji’s grandparents, Lily Kessler, Len Anstey and Eunice Anstey. This family’s association with our Shul is absolute and goes back at least 3 generations. What nachas to be celebrating together. Mazel tov!

A warm welcome to Rabbi Selwyn Franklin who served as Senior Rabbi of Marais Road Shul from 1984-1988. Rabbi Franklin will deliver the main Shiur after the brocha- all welcome!

I was deeply saddened to learn from Hermione Sternberg of the passing of her beloved husband Peter, in London. Peter and Hermoine were such stalwarts of our Shul with regular attendance night and day and running many community events with such grace and professionalism. Our hearts go out to the whole family and we wish them strength and comfort in this time.

Condolences to Ralph Ginsberg on the passing of his brother, Michael. Condolences to the children and family of Hilda Behr, who passed away this week.

Do the Shabbat Shake! First Saturday of each month. Our Maddies have been planning some exciting new children’s programs for the year and will be introducing the Shabbat Shake – a monthly multi-sensory children’s Shabbat Morning Shul experience. Bring the kids for our launch on Shabbat morning 4 February at 10:30am.

Sinai Indaba is back! Get ready for VI, a return to the classic model with a wonderful lineup of speakers. Click here for more info and to book.

This Shabbas is also Rosh Chodesh of the month of Shvat. That means our Chazan and choir will be in full force with a smashing rendition of Hallel tomorrow morning. Starts 9:15am!

Shabbat Shalom, Chodesh tov and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg