Let’s look forward

Dear Friend,

I pray that the new calendar year be one of revealed blessing and renewed hope. May HAShem protect us all. Happy new year!

Tonight’s Zervice will be at 6PM as there is no in-shul Tefilla. HTTPS://zoom.us/j/4545201917 password Maraisroad. 

Mazel Tov to Perez Bloom, Wolfie Bloom & committee member Neville Scher on their special birthdays. Many years of good health & nachas! 

Congrats to Melvyn & Anita Greenstein on their 50th Wedding Anniversary & to Hylton & Leanora Solomon on their 40th Wedding Anniversary. Mazel Tov!! Many happy healthy nachas-filled years together. 

Cantor Joffe has started a rolling Tehillim Whatsapp group, praying for good health for those afflicted with the Coronavirus. Participants can take on a psalm or 2 and thus keep finishing the book of 150 psalms together. To join the group click here https://chat.whatsapp.com/EcUE3Z1sNalLiRMAsB6twR

Our Condolences to Eileen Smiedt on the loss of her husband and to Dale & Romy Smiedt, Wendy Kark & Andi Falk on the loss of their father, Shul Trustee and honorary Shul attorney Alan Smiedt. 

Every Shabbas, we make a blessing for those who voluntarily serve the community “faithfully”. This means that those who treat their volunteer responsibilities with the same degree of obligation as a paying role, are serving ‘be’emuna’ with a high degree of commitment. Alan was such a person, whether it was community responsibilities or pro Bono ‘cases’- Alan gave them all the same degree of commitment and professionalism.  

Alan’s passing leaves a void for so many and we wish his family strength & comfort in this challenging time. 

Condolences to Rica Schlosberg on the loss of her husband, and to Tammy & Kevin Isaacman & Robert & Jaqui Schlosberg on the loss of their father and Bette Schlosberg & Naomi Green on the loss of their brother, Benny Schlosberg. 

Benny gave our Shul, a neshoma. He was the founder of the now internationally famous Haftorah Trop Club. Although the Trop Club trained Jews from all over the city and beyond, we at Marais Road Shul were always proud to be the ‘home’ of the Club. 

Benny will be sorely missed and we wish his family strength & comfort.  

Condolences to Esther, Leon, Jill & Brian Singer on the passing of their husband & father, Barney Singer. Barney was a community leader par excellence with a special love of Israel. We wish the family strength & comfort in this time. 

Sadly & painfully Shuls have been closed in this level 3 lockdown. Although Shuls have been proven to be safe spaces, we have gotten caught up in the broader prohibition on religious gatherings to stop the spread.

In the meantime we have moved services virtually back to Zoom. Shachrit during the week will be at 8am & mincha at 6:30pm. Save this link to join services. Https://zoom.us/j/6132461836 password 1836

If you are not our Shul whatsapp group, which keeps our community up to date, please join the WhatsApp group by clicking here https://chat.whatsapp.com/FuwgrwTtbKk4de9RAsg18u

May our Shul experience a better week and a better year.

Shabbat shalom & happy reading! 

Join us in prayer- & nachas

Dear Friend,

In light of the second wave of the Coronavirus in Cape Town, the community under guidance from medical experts, Chief Rabbi’s office and the Rabbinical Association of the Western Cape has instituted that a shul service have no more than 50 people at a time. 

Tomorrow morning’s Shul service will be at 8:30am to accommodate our Bar Mitzvah family’s simcha, which will take place at 9:30.

To book for the regular service at 8:30 (& all other Shabbas services), pls click here https://tinyurl.com/y8cu3gmt

Mazel Tov to Oliver Frankel on his Bar Mitzvah! Thursday morning’s ‘first Aliyah’ was much more than that- Ollie led the entire Tefilla in a true demonstration of what it means to be a member of the Jewish community. This included leading the service, repetition of the Amida & reading from the Torah. What a champ!! May your passion for excellence & Yiddishkeit continue to wax with the years. 

Mazel Tov to your parents Steven & Brenna Frankel! You have truly led the way for Oliver. Mazel Tov to your grandparents, Lydia Abel, Jill & Hilly Chimes, Jonny & Shelly Frankel & Leonard Abel who all kleibed such well- deserved nachas. 

The Zervice will be at 5pm & I hope you’ll join us! Our community is experiencing an unbearable amount of afflicted with many hospitalized. I look forward to praying communally with you this afternoon at the Zervice for their well-being and the health of all those suffering illness. May they be blessed with a refua sheleima ukrova. 

To join the Zervice click here https://zoom.us/j/4545201917

 password: Maraisroad 

Mincha in Shul this evening is at 6:30PM. Click here to book in-shul services https://tinyurl.com/y8cu3gmt

Mazel Tov to Dianne Jocum on her Birthday & to Miriam Solin on her special Birthday! Errol & Loraine Anstey are celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary. Mazel Tov to all!! 

Condolences to Irma Barenblatt on the loss of her husband and Richard Barenblatt , Mark Barenblatt & Tracey Wolf on the loss of their father, Raoul Barenblatt. 

Condolences to Zervice regular Tammy Hirschsohn on the sudden loss of her sister, Phillipa Seidel. 

Condolences to community leader Li Boiskin on the loss of her sister, Mary Russel

Condolences to Shul regular Bernard Shapiro on the loss of his sister, Anita Jocum

Condolences to Jonathan, Howard & Stephen Palte on the loss of their mother, Sonia Palte. 

Condolences to Lauren Haskel & Jeffrey Wainstein, Tony Benatar & Corinne Broomberg on the sudden loss of their mother & sister, Gwen Kaminer. 

Congrats to Dr. Harry & Shooshy Buchinsky as their son, Dr. Roy Buchinsky was recently recognized as one of Cleveland’s (USA) top doctors. Much nachas!

Congrats to Professor Pinky & Etty Sareli on their son, Dr Ari Sareli, receiving the first Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine in Florida & one of the first in the United States, leading the way forward to a healed world. See the article here https://tinyurl.com/Drsareli

Shabbat shalom, Chanukah sameach (for the last few hours of it!) & happy reading! 

Secrets of a Centenarian.

Dear Friend,

It’s almost surreal, but I’m thrilled to share that we’re once again celebrating a Bar Mitzvah in Shul on Shabbas! 

Mazel Tov to Troy Haskel on celebrating his Barmy this Shabbas. Troy has approached this milestone with an earnestness that is simply endearing and I know his family are shepping such nachas! 

Mazel Tov to his parents, Laurence & Lauren Haskel and to his grandmas, Gwen Kaminer & Naomi Haskel. Enjoy this time & the simcha! 

On account of the Bar Mitzvah, Shachrit service in Shul on Shabbas day will begin at 9:30am from ‘shochen ad’, just before barchu. To book for services go to https://tinyurl.com/y46x4nvk.

The Zervice continues tonight 5pmHttps://zoom.us/j/4545201917 password: Maraisroad 

Condolences to our producer, chorister Selwyn Shandel on the passing of his mother, Maizey Shandel in Durban. Last night’s prayer service in the big Shul was very moving. Selwyn, we wish you and your siblings and family strength & comfort in this time. 

This Monday will be the final week of The semester of ‘Tanya for Everyone’. The next semester will begin on Monday January 18. If you still want to join but haven’t yet registered go to https://tinyurl.com/tanyatalks. (You only need to register once for this course). 

On Tuesday we are hosting a Tribute on Zoom for Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks OBM. We will meet the world’s most outspoken Rabbi who served on Chief Rabbi Sacks’ Cabinet; his personal protection officer who underwent a fascinating life journey & a local flavor with Judge Dennis Davis. To register go to https://tinyurl.com/rabbijsacks

Mazel Tov to Arthur & Lauren Gillis on the birth of their granddaughter! Much nachas from your gorgeous expanding mishpocho. 

Mazel Tov to Shimon Yudelowitz on his special birthday! It takes a global pandemic to keep Shimon from shul, but please know that we are with you in spirit and looking forward to your return. Many years of healthy & good years ahead. 

Mazels to Sheila Marshall on her special Birthday! May HaShem bless you with strength & nachas. 

Mazel Tov to Herschel Stein on his 80th Birthday! 80 is the age of ‘gevurot’, strength. May you enjoy many years of happiness with Hillary and much nachas! 

Mazels to Colin Rosenkowitz & Sue Wilson on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson, Jared Rosenkowitz in Australia. Much nachas! 

Mazel Tov to Perry Kawitzky & Norma Kawitzky on the forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Laura to Sean Bloom, son of Selwyn & Merle Bloom. Thank you guys for pushing a simcha through in this meshugene time! The most important thing is that the couple is married and together, building their Yiddishe home. The weather, location, number of guests- & even very important omissions- cannot be as important as bringing the young couple under the chuppah. Much nachas! 

Rabbi Hecht & his shiur group kindly agreed to move their final week on ‘Paradise lost & found’ to Wednesday 8:15PM. Click here to register 


Condolences to Harold NakanGail Buchel & Renay Muchnik on the loss of their father, Sydney Nakan. We wish the family long life and comfort. 

Condolences to Joe Katz on the loss of his wife and to Mark KatzIlana Katz & Lisa Kaminer on the loss of their mother, Zea Katz. Zea was a fixture of care for our community’s children in Herzlia Weizmann and she will be sorely missed. We wish her family koach & comfort. 

I had the privilege & great pleasure of celebrating Ettie Buch’s 100th birthday party in Johannesburg this week. Ettie ran the event with her usual wit & wisdom & I’m excited to share her secret to longevity with you at the Zervice. Zee you!

Shabbat shalom & happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Hello? This is Israel calling!

Wow! The messages are just pouring in. Last night’s Unity Yizkor Service really touched people and allowed us to connect to the souls of our loved ones. To the almost 500 people who participated (from as far as Australia, the UK & Israel), thank you for making the event so special. 

Missed it? No problem! Click here to watch. Prepare to be moved…


Join the Zervice tonight! 5:15pm


Able to attend Shul? We are very open! Friday Night 6:30PM; Saturday 9:30AM. Click here to bookHttps://Shulsystem.milanmedia.co.za

Hello? It’s Israel calling! Tomorrow night at about 10:45pm, I’ll be interviewed on Israel’s popular radio station Kol Yisrael. If you understand Hebrew, feel free to listen! https://glz.co.il/גלצ

Mazel Tov to Shul Vice President Jonathan Gershuny on his 50th Birthday! Jonathan’s history with The Shul goes back, well, 50 years, and its special that he can celebrate this milestone here. Much nachas & brocho in the decades ahead. 

Mazel Tov to Tevis Joffe (aka Cantor Joffe’s father) on his 80th birthday! Many decades ahead of simchos & brocho. 

Mazel Tov to Gerald Markman on his 80th! Many decades ahead with simcha & brocha. 

Mazel Tov to Rochelle King on her birthday! Much nachas and brocho. 

Shabbat shalom & happy reading! 

Rabbi’s Blog

Join us tonight- in Shul!

Dear Friend,

Well, first things first. Tonight’s Zervice takes you into our Shul! All the technology that you’re used to from home, is moving into the Shul to create a special musical davening experience. 

The Zervice (and in person Shul service) will begin at 5:30pm. 

To book your Shul seat for Shabbas- or for Rosh Hashanah- visit https://shulsystem.milanmedia.co.za

And booking just got easier! No need to login or register- just choose your favourite Shul 🙂 and you’re on your way.

Mazel tov to the Prez! Shul President, David Gordon, who oozes Shul and Yiddishe values, turns 50 this week. David is also the Shul Choirmaster, and we pray for a time soon to join him in Celebration in his beloved Shul, conducting his beloved choir. A fab decade ahead!

You probably won’t be in Shul this Rosh Hashanah so come Hear the Shofar on the street! We will be blowing the Shofar on the steps of the Marais Road Shul every hour on the hour: When: Sunday, September 20, every hour on the hour from 9am-1pm. Just pitch up and safely do the Mitzvah. 

Please join your Rabbonim & Chazan this Thursday evening for the “Rosh Hashanah Address”. Cantor Joffe will lead us in some of  your Rosh Hashanah favorites and I will present this year’s New Year’s Drosha. 8-9pm https://zoom.us/j/4545201917

Mazel tov to Talya Katz on her 40th Birthday! We are so missing your kinderlach in Shul each Shabbas. May you continue to have much nachas from your beautiful family!

Mazel tov to Michael Binder on his 70th Birthday! Many happy, healthy decades ahead. 

Mazel tov to Russel and Cindy Schiff on their 20th Wedding Anniversary. Many decades of continued love, joy, and Nachas!

It’s been a busy Simcha season in the Shapiro household. Mazel tov to Harold & Sonia Shapiro on the marriage of their granddaughter, Esther Kornblum to Chai Chasid in Israel and the marriage of their grandson, Shneir Zalman Shapiro to Noa Raz in America. I know how proud you guys of your grandchildren, and we’re so excited for you to enjoy all this nachas- even from afar. 

Our Shul was very well represented in the Jewish Board of Deputies (Cape Council) vote this year. Mazel tov to Li Boiskin, Lester Hoffman, Viv Anstey, Tzvi Brivik & David King who were voted on to the Board of Deputies for a two-year term. Shkayach! May you have success in representing our community and sticking up for the Jewish community, when needed. 

And the representation continues. At the same conference, our 2 honorary life members received a special award! Mazel tov to Ella Blumenthal & Miriam Lichterman who jointly received the Elliot & Myra Osrin Jewish Vision Award. One of the questions I wish I could answer in these unusual times, is what would Elliot do? Well, he certainly would get much nachas from this presentation! Ella and Miriam, may the Aibershter bentch you with many more gezunte yohren, freilicherheit. We love you and are so proud of the imopact you have had on our community. 

Condolences to Charles, Harry & Gary Goldin and to Sandra Schneider on the passing of their mother, Stella Goldin. Stella was a regular in Shul who took much pleasure from our Shabbas services. May you know only comfort and strength. 

If every year there’s a need to help the less fortunate within, this year proves the rule. As always the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund will do its bit to make a difference in the lives of others. If you know of someone who needs some financial support to get through Yom Tov or any other struggle, please let me know so we could help.

It was encouraging to hear from Marco van Embden of the important role that the various Rabbi’s Discretionary Funds have been playing in supporting our community in this time. If you are able to support the Fund in this time, then please consider making a contribution. 

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund 

Bidvest Savings

Acct 4119444001 

branch 462005 

ref: your name

Sukkahmart Cape Town is open! Get your Lulav & Etrog sets. DIY Succahs & Permanent Schach.

To order phone Tanya on 072 435-4591 or email sukkahmartct@gmail.com

Collection will be from Camps Bay Shul or a nominal charge for delivery. 

Shabbat shalom & happy reading! 

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

W 021 439 7543

F  021 434 3760



Happy Birthday Ella!

Dear Friend,

If you missed our amazing Tisha b’av program, here’s a link. Grant Gochin & Silvia Foti told an incredible tale of their post-Holocaust fight for truth & justice. Click here to watch the event 


And if last week’s ‘revenge’ of the birth of a great grandson wasn’t enough, our honorary life member Ella Blumenthal strikes again with her 99th birthday this Shabbat Nachamu! 

As a friend from Johannesburg told me yesterday- after hearing Ella tell her survival story on a Zoom meet Wednesday night- our community is privileged to count Ella as a proud member. May the Aibershter continue to bentch her & her family with gezunt & Yiddishe nachas!

Mazel Tov to Berel Lewis on his 80th Birthday, many healthy nachas filled years ahead! 

Mazel Tov to Adv Michael Donen on his 70th Birthday. Michael has been a staunch advocate for the Jewish community & we wish him many happy, healthy, productive years. 

Mazel Tov to Howard & Eleanore Sarembock on their 30th Wedding Anniversary! 

The Temple has been destroyed yet there’s another Temple that still stands- but is teetering. On Sunday 8pm, I will present ‘Inner Space’: an exploration of our home as a Temple. Https://Zoom.us/j/9739958482. Password: 925980. This talk is in memory of my cousin’s pure infant child Shmuel Shneur Zalmen a”h Wineberg. 

Condolences to Arthur Gillis, his mom Daphne & brothers Kevin & Glenn on the passing of their father & husband, Harry Gillis. We wish the family long life and strength in this difficult time.

Condolences to Simeon, Illana & Debra on the loss of their mother, Rose Korber. Rose Korber’s parents, Max & Hannah Stoch are deeply connected to our Shul as former leaders and contributors of the Shul Hall. Rose was always proud of ‘her’ Shul and we wish the family comfort & strength. 

Condolences to Michael Mande & Doryce Sher on the loss of their mother, Sylvia Mande. May the family have comfort & strength.

Condolences to Robert Sussman, Alex Fanaroff, Laurian Theron and Shimon Yudelowitz on the sudden loss of their mother and beloved companion, Dawn Sussman. Dawn had become a shul regular in recent years and her sudden death has shocked our community. May HaShem grant the family strength & comfort. 

On Wednesday we are partnering with Linksfield Shul in Joburg for a talk on reincarnation. I’ll be answering the question: “Is reincarnation Jewish?” And explaining a bit about the journey of the soul. Wednesday August 5, 8pm. Https://zoom.us/j/279229120. Password: 4321

Yesterday’s visit to the Kotel really hit home. Daven e caffe did a tisha b’av special of Tefillin and prayers in the afternoon. Rabbi Shmuel Weiss is a personal friend who mans the Tefillin booth at the Kotel. Yesterday, he “plugged” us right in with his heartfelt message- and then he walked over to the Kotel stones and led us in prayer. I don’t think their was a dry Zoom eye at that moment. May all those who need healing, be blessed immediately with good health!

The Zervice will be at 5pm & Cantor Joffe has promised us some musical treats now that we’re out of the mournful three weeks! Https://zoom.us/j/4545201917

Shabbat Shalom & happy reading

Revenge & post Holocaust

Dear Friend,

Grant Gochin went on a search for his family’s murderers in Lithuania. His search for truth led him to Sylvia, granddaughter of the very butcher he was seeking. Their tale of a fearless fight for truth will be shared on Wednesday night, Tish’a b’Av. 

Destruction of Life, rejection of truth” is a post Holocaust modern tale of the fight for truth in Europe, today. Tish’a b’Av is the saddest day on our calendar and we fast for 24+ hours from Wednesday 6:02pm until Thursday 6:32pm. See the Shmooze for more details.

In other post Holocaust news, Mazel tov to Honorary Life Member Ella Blumenthal and to Dr. Ernest and Estelle Kaplan on the birth and bris of a great grandson, in Cape Town! As a survivor of numerous death camps in Europe, Ella’s greatest revenge has been her beautiful, proudly Jewish, family. To the Blumenthal and Kaplan mishpochos, may you only continue to enjoy nachas in good health!

Mazel tov to Sadie Graziani on the birth of her 30th Great-grandchild, kenehora!!

Ladies night “out” this Sunday with Rebbetzin Sara. Do a Jerusalem paper Mosaic- a truly family project! 7-8pm. Text 0832998977 to register.

Marais Road Shul partners with Hamaor in Johannesburg to present a 2 week series on the Temple as it reflects in the Shul and in our personal lives. Join Rabbis Levy and Dovid Wineberg on Sundays July 26 and August 2 7:30pm. This course is being offered in memory of my infant cousin Shmuel Schneur Zalmen Ben Alexander Zev halevy, whose pure soul ascended on Wednesday night. May his family Find comfort and strength in the myriads of prayers and mitzvos inspired by this holy neshoma. 

Condolences to David Ash on the sudden passing of his beloved mother Salome, in Johannesburg. May Hashem grant you and the family strength in this difficult time. 

On Monday nightRabbi Hecht concludes his 2 week series on the Talmudic Detective. To register, click here to register https://tinyurl.com/solvesothebys8-9pm

On Thursday, tisha b’Av day, Cape Town Rabbonim will offer a unity round robin of Kinot (elegies) and inspiration. Details to follow. 

This just in- Mazel tov to Mrs. accounts, Portia Chibanya, on the birth of a baby boy, this morning! Lots of nachas to you and Busi from your growing family.

Please remember our new Zervice time is 5pmHope to see you there! Https://zoom.us/j/4545201917

Thank G-d!

הודו לה׳ כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו

Give thanks to HaShem for He is good; His kindness is eternal 

Dear Friend,

My wife Sara, and I, give thanks to Hashem for the blessing of the birth of our granddaughter Musya, born to our children, Esther & Yossi Shemtov. 

Little Musya was named at a Torah reading in Jerusalem, in the popular Mayanot Yeshiva (Mayanot.edu) for later beginners, co-founded by Rabbi Yossi’s father, Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov. She was named after the late wife of the Rebbe OBM. 

Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka (Musya) was a righteous, brilliant, educated, unassuming, devoted, regal lady, and it is clearly Musya’s parent’s wish that these traits and soul qualities be invested into their daughter. 

Esther & Yossi, Mazel Tov! May you raise Musya to “Torah, Chuppah & good deeds” & May she give her parents, grandparents & klal yisrael much Yiddishe Chassidishe nachas!

We have been inundated with love and blessings for which we are deeply grateful to you, our community, and I apologize if I haven’t yet responded to your text, email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. It simply takes time, but I’ll get there- thank you!

The Zervice moves…to 4:45pm. As the days get longer, we will move our pre-Shabbas Zervice to a bit later in the day. Https://zoom.us/j/4545201917. Please put your video on so we could enjoy your presence & energy. Zee you!

Got 2 minutes? Well, if you do (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), Rabbi Hecht wants to give you the whole Torah! 

Maimonides (Rambam) explains all of Judaism’s 613 Mitzvot in his monumental work of the Mishneh Torah. Studying a section a day allows you to review all the mitzvos in just under a year. Join the WhatsApp group & each day Rabbi Hecht will teach the daily mitzvah- in just 2 minutes! 


Will the real Messiah stand up? False Messiahs & life after life will be presented in Moshiach Panel Part 2. Once again, we’re joined by Rabbi Dovid Hazdan of the Great Park Shul & Rabbi Yossi Hecht (Sr) of Chabad Sandton as we examine life on the brink of a new world. 

This Monday July 13. 8pm. Https://zoom.us/j/4545201917

Mazel Tov to Ariel Katzen on celebrating his 30th birthday! Ariel (capetownguy.co.za) is a child of Cape Town & Marais Road Shul and the Shul is a second home to him & his family. We wish you much hatzlacha & blessing for your new decade ahead & can’t wait to celebrate with you in person! 

Another committee Shul person is Judy Dadon and we’re thrilled to wish her a Mazel Tov on the birth of her grandson! Well, now knowing a little bit of what you’re going though, we join you in your celebration and joy. Much nachas!

Mazel Tov to Marilyn Katz on her 70th Birthday! Many happy healthy decades ahead!

Mazels to Ivan & Sheila Zuckerman on their 55th Wedding Anniversary, to my Shul neighbor, Alec Cohen on his 91st Birthday, to the indefatigable Percy Tucker on his 92nd Birthday, to Prof Julian & Judith Kinderlerer on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson, Ephraim in London and to Freda Newman on the birth of her great granddaughter- May HaShem bless you with continued nachas and good health! 

Yeshiva of Cape Town & Torah MiTzion present    weekly shiurim from Israel by outstanding scholars. To register click here https://forms.gle/2HMvXHYHdk9hfKMC6. For more details: emanuel@torahmitzion.org +972-52-8119619

Condolences to Sheila Marshall on the loss of her husband; to Martin, David & Ian Marshall on the loss of their father, and to Mel Marshall on the loss of his brotherJulius Marshall. May HaShem Grant you strength & comfort with an extra embrace in this time of social distancing. 

We’re now in the period of the Three Weeks, a time when we mourn the destruction of both Temples and the state of galut, exile. For more information click here https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/947558/jewish/What-Are-the-Three-Weeks.htm

In the words of Maimonides, “May these days be transformed into days of joy and rejoicing”. Amen!

Shabbat Shalom & happy reading! 


Dear Friend,

Complacency and fatalism are close cousins. Recently I started hearing, “it is what it is”. Then I started hearing, “if it gets you, it gets you”. 


While it’s practically impossible to completely avoid Coronavirus, following the guidelines against gathering, amongst others, does prevent the spread and saves lives. 

In Johannesburg, complacency set in as the virus delayed in reaching Gauteng. So people started gathering- Shabbas meals together, sleep overs for the kids, etc. etc. Today the Joburg Jewish community has been severely hit and too many are in hospitals, even on ventilators- May Hashem protect each one of them. And not just the elderly but previously healthy, younger people too. 

The scientific models predict a slow down in the Western Cape within a few short weeks. There is now serious talk of opening our Shuls soon in a limited fashion. None of this should be a sign to lessen our respect of this foe. Professor Kramer, who is working with Shuls to open responsibly, made the point that in 1918 there were 3 waves of the Spanish Flu. It was the second wave that claimed the most lives, as complacency set in. 

We in South Africa have benefitted from lagging behind the world in this virus and learning form their example. Today we are witnessing many countries, including our beloved Israel, going through the second wave. 

While it may be fashionable to be “chilled” about the virus, I implore you to set an example by taking it seriously and following Government laws, including not gathering socially, wearing masks outdoors and limiting one’s time in public spaces. 

Balance is equally important. There are times when one must go out. Don’t avoid the doctor, for example, if needed. Go to work, if you must. Do your shopping, but briefly, or, reach out to me if you are elderly and would like a Buddy to do it for you. Step outside (with a mask!) for exercise and the like. Do not panic, but rather take responsible measured steps in protecting yourself and those around you. And have faith in HaShem.

Hashem’s blessing flows when we follow medical advice. May He protect us all and bring a speedy resolution to this global malady. 

In the meantime, life DOES go on. Mazel tov to Dennis Cope on his 70th birthday! May Hashem bless you with many more decades of good health!

Shout out to Sam and Pat Abrahams, whose son, Gary, was awarded top honours at the University of Exeter, in the UK. Mazel tov and Much nachas!

Condolences to Elana Skop on the passing of her father, Solly Isaacson. Solly was very involved in his Shul in PE and we wish her and the whole family strength and comfort in this time. 

On Tuesday, I spoke for the Pretoria community about faith and trust in Hashem. We were joined by psychologist Lara Noik who brilliantly spoke on the 5 steps to emotional wellbeing. Click here to watch this program. https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/5PQpAL3aznlOHpXM6B_FBI0GO7zOaaa8hCMdq_BYzB3N2hoav5wCSN_w2dVBsE26?startTime=1593537521000

On Wednesday night I presented on a Chabad Webinar on the struggle of heart & mind and finding solutions in this crazy time. I was joined by my friend, businessman and Hotelier Marc Wachsberger, who spoke so movingly and inspirationally on what has helped him deal with this crises. Click here to watch. https://youtu.be/-Gy1KLdFqPw

The Zervice continues! 4:30pm today. https://zoom.us/j/4545201917

On Thursday, we observe the fast of 17th of Tammuz, which begins the Three Week mourning period in our calendar. Please see the Shmooze for details. 

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!
Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Back to the future

Dear Friend,  Mazel Tov to David & Lauren Wilck on their son, Matt’s Bar Mitzvah! Matt has managed the realities of our lockdown with real class and will star at our Sunday morning Zoom service. It’s no surprise considering Matt’s roots in our Shul: David was a longstanding member of the Committee, is a shul regular and a […]