Sneak Peak

Dear Friends,


Here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside this week’s Shmooze:


It’s been a rough couple of weeks as our community has lost some precious members.


Saturday night is Yom Yerushalayim, 52 years since Jerusalem was liberated and united. See the Shmooze for a great event tomorrow afternoon.


Shavuot dinner plans underway! Make sure to book your seats for this great event.


We also has some smachot! Check the shmooze to find out who is celebrating 50 years of marriage. Mazel tov!


What couldn’t get into this week’s Shmooze, as it was too late for printing, is last night’s AGM and election of Shul office bearers. Thanks to Lynton Cassel and Ian “Kappie” Kaplan for joining the Shul Committee and a warm mazel tov to David Gordon and Jonathan Gershuny on election as President and Vice President of the Committee.


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg



The day I lost a debate (thank G-d!)

Dear Friend,


About 15 years ago I was invited by SABC to participate on a debating TV program on the subject of morality. The position I was asked to defend was that “Jacob Zuma was the right person to lead the moral regeneration project” (which he was in fact heading at that time).  Don’t laugh! I knew it was the wrong position but that is the nature of debate, to argue your side as best you can. Needless to say my partner and I lost the debate hands-down!


With hindsight it was certainly not my finest moment. Thank G-d our country has had the debate and the right side has won, although there is much work to be done in healing and fixing South Africa.


So, when I was asked to offer a prayer at the opening of the National Council of Provinces, I jumped at the chance to speak for the right side of history; to acknowledge the damage done, the challenges that face South Africa’s legislators- and to offer a blessing on behalf of the Jews of our country to encourage them along the right path.


It was a great honour to participate in the opening of the NCOP and I look forward to sharing my impressions and experiences in Shul, over Shabbas. Click here to watch my prayer at yesterday’s swearing-in ceremony. May Hashem bless South Africa!


Lag B’omer was a huge hit at the Green Point Cricket Club, where hundreds participated in the simcha of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai!


This year we’re going THAI @ SINAI! For this year’s Gala Shavuot Dinner, in addition to great food, Dean Murinik will share his family’s experience surviving the terrible 2004 Tsunami. Dean recently did a TV program on this and you can see the show’s trailer here.


Saturday night June 8, 7:30pm. To book your and your family’s seats visit or call the Shul office today!


daven e caffĂ© this Friday 31 May. Davening @7am, followed by breakfast and life message by yours truly.


Birthday blessings & chocolates Friday night 31 May. All children celebrating their birthday during April & May PLEASE let us know. Email: or call 021 4397543 to make your child’s birthday extra special


It’s been a rough week in our community. And rougher still for two young families.


Condolences to Rita Effune and to Sean Effune &Talya Ressel on the loss of their husband and father, Raymond Effune. Raymond was a Shul Jew through and through and a very beloved member. His loss is a blow to his family and to us as a community.


Condolences to Nikki Kagan and to Rabbi Eitan, Jenna, Cara & Mikaela on the loss of their husband and father, Selwyn Kagan. Condolences also to Raymond, David and Jeffrey on the loss of their brother. Selwyn was literally loved by all and will be sorely missed.


May Hashem grant both families comfort and strength.


Yom Yerushalem Pancake Breakfast with the Yeshiva of Cape Town Sunday 2 June 8am

Davening followed by pancakes and coffee. Everyone welcome!


Mazal Tov to Ida Surovsky on the birth of her great granddaughter & on her 85th birthday. Lots of nachas- in good health!


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg



Rabbi, why (not) me?

Let’s Go Local

Nb. Mincha starts tonight (only) at 6:35.


Dear Friend,


Last week, our Friday Night service was truly Visitor’s Season- even the Chazan and Rabbi were visitors!


It was an honour to host Chief Rabbi Goldstein last Friday Night & of course the Chief Rabbi delivered the sermon. Cantor Ivor Joffe was down with a stomach bug so cantor Oshy Tugentaft– who often joins us in December- passionately led the service.


Well, this week the Rabbi & Chazan are all local, but we’re still thrilled to welcome all our visitors, regulars & semi-regulars!


Our condolences to Committee member Neville Scher on the loss of his wife and to Grant, Barry, Samantha & Ilana on the loss of their mother, Lily Scher. Neville is an integral part of our daily services and it was sad tracking Lily’s deteriorating health over the past few months. We hope that the family find comfort in the life and legacy of this gracious woman.


As it is Shabbat mevarchim (when we bless the upcoming month) Rebbetzin Sara Wineberg will host the monthly LADIES TEHILLIM CIRCLE this Saturday @ 7pm in the Shul Hall.


My weekly Thursdays LUNCH AND LEARN will resume 10 Jan 2019.


Mazel Tov to Adam Lapiner on his 30th Birthday! Much success, we look forward to celebrating with you in Shul.


Mazel Tov to Arthur & Lauren Gillis on the birth of their grandson. Uge nachas!


Mazel Tov to Jonathan & Juliette Gordon on the engagement of their son, Saul to Jodi Cohen, and to Jodi’s grandmother Isabel Frankal! Much nachas and enjoy this special time.


Earliest candle lighting is at 6:31pm, so Mincha will start tonight only at 6:35pm.


All morning services return to normal next week. As Monday is Rosh Chodesh Shvat, Shachrit will begin at 6:45.


Shabbat shalom & happy reading!






Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Marais Rd. Shul

Cape Town

021 439 7543

Good Shabbas!

Ladies, please come LATE to Shul! Earliest candle lighting 6:25 and Mincha starts at 6:30, so light first and arrive late…

Dear Friend,

Please note that from Sunday until January 1, all weekday Shachrit services will be at 8am.

It’s your last chance. The final daven e caffe of 2018 will take place Friday December 28 at 8am. All Welcome!!

Mazal Tov to Solly Gutman on the birth of his grandson in Israel. Much nachas!

What a wedding! Mazel tov to Ivan & Ruth Goodman, Paul Levy and Bobba Zelda Rutenberg on the marriage of their daughter & granddaughter, Kalley Levy to Russell Hoffman.Zelda was beaming from ear to ear as she watched her youngest granddaughter under the Chuppah. Much yiddishe nachas!

Mazel tov to Barry and Hazel Goodman and to Hazel’s mom, Evelyn Peltz on the birth of their grandson and great-grandson. Much nachas!

Condolences to Eleanor Miller & Beverlee Diamond on the passing of their mother, and to Esta Levitas, Eileen Weiser & Juliet Aharoni on the loss of their sister, Ada Schneidermann.

Condolences to Les & Joan Lazarus and to Paul Lazarus on the loss of their son & brother, Neil.

May the families experience strength and Hashem’s comfort.

On account of the late Shabbas start, the earliest candles are at 6:25pm. Please light candles after that time and only then come to Shul!

Shabbat shalom and happy reading,

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Brother, can you spare an hour?

Dear Friend,

 Tonight you light  6 candles on your Chanukiah. The earliest time you could light Chanukah candles- or Shabbas candles- is 6:18pm.

 Therefore today’s schedule is:

 1.00pm Mincha in Small Shul

5:45pm Pre-Shul Chanukah party in the Hall

6:18pm Earliest time to light your Chanukiah and Shabbas candles (at home!)

6:40pm Lighting of the giant balloon Menorah by Cantor Ivor and Choir

6:50pm Kabbalat Shabbat- evening service.

7:45pm Go home to eat latkes!

 What a community we are! It is true, as Lance Katz emphasized to me, that we know how to come together in good times as well. But in the tragedy of Morasha Shul’s destruction, one sees this unity in such a tangible way. Click here to make your contribution towards Morasha’s rebuilding. Am Yisrael chai!

 Mazel tov to David & Mandy Donninger on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Alyssa Donninger! Mazels to grandparents, Regina Donninger and Godfrey & Michelle Shev. David is a regular in the evenings and together with Mandy, such a vibrant part of our community. But nothing is more vibrant in their lives like Alyssa and we’re thrilled to be celebrating together. Much nachas!!

 Mazel tov to Leon Glaser on the birth of his great grandson; to Bernard & Wendy Shapiro on the birth of their grandson and to Doreen Seidle on the forthcoming marriage of her grandson, Adam Seidle to Candice Green. Much nachas to all!

 Condolences to Maureen Ginsberg on the loss of her sister and Jonathan & Michelle on the loss of their mother, Deanne Ment.

 Condolences to Bev Kleinman on the loss of her husband and to Stacey, Lara & Karen on the loss of their father. To Rene Kleinman on the loss of her son and to Simone, Marilyn & Moritz on the loss of their brother, Jeffrey Kleinman.

 Condolences to Marlene Silbert on the loss of her husband and to Jo, Beth & Patti on the loss of their father, Dr. Maurice Silbert.

 May Hashem give the families strength and comfort.

 On Tuesday night I was honoured to address the annual Chanukah concert by Ivor and friends. A packed crowd enjoyed a top notch entertaining evening. Kudos to Ivor and the entire Seasoned Citizens team and to Kerry Miller for ensuring it all happened. To the Shul Choir, the Youth Choir and Mombaza, ty!!

 Mazel tov to Adele Fish on celebrating her 60th birthday! May Hashem bless you and your family with only simchos, nachas and good health.

 Giant balloon Menorah, TY messages and farewell to our Bachur Uria Sela, Crumbs and Cream, donut wall, fun activities for the kids…all tonight at the pre-Shul Chanukah party! Don’t miss the party but make sure to light your (Chanukah and Shabbas) candles as well.

 Shabbat Shalom and happy Chanukah!

Terumah in a Nutshell Exodus 25:1–27:19


The people of Israel are called upon to contribute thirteen materials—gold, silver and copper; blue-, purple- and red-dyed wool; flax, goat hair, animal skins, wood, olive oil, spices and gems—out of which, G‑d says to Moshe, “They shall make for Me a Sanctuary, and I shall dwell amidst them.”

In the Sanctuary’s inner chamber, behind an artistically woven curtain, was the ark containing the tablets of testimony engraved with the Ten Commandments; on the ark’s cover stood two winged cherubim hammered out of pure gold. In the outer chamber stood the seven-branched menorah, and the table upon which the “showbread” was arranged.

The Sanctuary’s three walls were fitted together from 48 upright wooden boards, each of which was overlaid with gold and held up by a pair of silver foundation sockets. The roof was formed of three layers of coverings: (a) tapestries of multi-coloured wool and linen; (b) a covering made of goat hair; (c) a covering of ram and tachash skins. Across the front of the Sanctuary was an embroidered screen held up by five posts.

Surrounding the Sanctuary and the copper-plated altar which fronted it was an enclosure of linen hangings, supported by 60 wooden posts with silver hooks and trimmings, and reinforced by copper stakes.


Can you count the rain drops?

Dear Friend,

Why is it that we only appreciate something when we lose it? It’s a truism that distance makes the heart grow fonder (and the memory fuzzier, but no matter). The less we have of something the more we want it- and appreciate it!

Our favourite pastime is complaining about the weather; it’s either too hot or too cold, or raining. Yet the weather has been forecasting rain- for once accurately- and yet we’re all ecstatic! It’s no joke when you realize we have had less than 100 days of water in supply. That’s when we learn to appreciate the blessing that is rain.

The trick is to recall the blessing even when it rains on your parade (or drizzles, as President Donald Trump insists).

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s remember that the drought is far from over. In addition to all the water restrictions, we need to simply pray to Hashem for rain. So join the Jewish community, Rabbonim and the Chief Rabbi at Herzlia High School on Wednesday February 8 at 2:30pm to collectively beseech Hashem to bring the rains. The essence of prayer is an acknowledgement of the ultimate power of G-d; it is faith’s highest expression.

Speaking of faith, Benji Anstey is a living, breathing expression of faith and he’s celebrating his Bar Mitzvah this Shabbas! Mazel tov to Gary and Viv Anstey on their son’s Barmy and to Benji’s grandparents, Lily Kessler, Len Anstey and Eunice Anstey. This family’s association with our Shul is absolute and goes back at least 3 generations. What nachas to be celebrating together. Mazel tov!

A warm welcome to Rabbi Selwyn Franklin who served as Senior Rabbi of Marais Road Shul from 1984-1988. Rabbi Franklin will deliver the main Shiur after the brocha- all welcome!

I was deeply saddened to learn from Hermione Sternberg of the passing of her beloved husband Peter, in London. Peter and Hermoine were such stalwarts of our Shul with regular attendance night and day and running many community events with such grace and professionalism. Our hearts go out to the whole family and we wish them strength and comfort in this time.

Condolences to Ralph Ginsberg on the passing of his brother, Michael. Condolences to the children and family of Hilda Behr, who passed away this week.

Do the Shabbat Shake! First Saturday of each month. Our Maddies have been planning some exciting new children’s programs for the year and will be introducing the Shabbat Shake – a monthly multi-sensory children’s Shabbat Morning Shul experience. Bring the kids for our launch on Shabbat morning 4 February at 10:30am.

Sinai Indaba is back! Get ready for VI, a return to the classic model with a wonderful lineup of speakers. Click here for more info and to book.

This Shabbas is also Rosh Chodesh of the month of Shvat. That means our Chazan and choir will be in full force with a smashing rendition of Hallel tomorrow morning. Starts 9:15am!

Shabbat Shalom, Chodesh tov and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Dear Friend,

A new secular year, school year or calendar year? Whatever it is, it’s good. New beginnings are good. I think that’s why G-d created night and day (with day following night), giving us an opportunity each day for a new beginning. So, having ushered in a new secular- or calendar- year last week, and having launched a new school year this week, hope is in the air!

It was a great privilege to be so warmly welcomed by the Principal, Mr. Krupenia of Herzlia Weizmann at the first birthday assembly of the year. The kids are so full of hope and anticipation, it is a joy to experience. That’s why the weekly Weizmann assembly is the happiest time of my work-week!

Mazel tov to Cole Bortz on his new beginning as a Bar Mitzvah! Cole had his first Aliyah yesterday morning with quite an international team present. Mazel tov to Greg and Leigh on their son’s Barmy! Neville and Shirley Soll are old friends and neighbours from Johannesburg and we wish them and Cole’s granny Alma Soll and Joel and Evrille Bortz much nachas! Cole has quite a support team of friends and it was a joy to daven with all of them.

But if it’s a week of beginnings, why settle for one? Nicola Slot starts her Jewish adulthood this week as she and her family celebrate her Bat Mitzvah! Mazel tov to Ian and Denise Slot on Nicola’s Batty. May you have much nachas from this late blessing in your life!

Ladies, tonight you have permission to be late! Because of the peak summer days, the earliest candle lighting time is 6:32pm. So please light then and only come to Shul afterward (after Shul is too late as it’s already Shabbas and it’s forbidden to light fire). Since Mincha starts at 6:30 you will be necessarily late. Thank you for always bringing light into our world! (ps. The same rule applies for a man who lives alone. Light Shabbas candles, then come to Shul)

Shabbat shalom and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg