Chanukah Sameach & Shabbat Shalom!

Dear Friend,

Having Chanukah in summer presents the challenge of lighting candles within the correct time frame. Shabbas in summer presents the same challenge!

Tonight, the earliest candle lighting time is 6:31pm. So our silly season schedule works like this:

Mincha will be at 2pm today in the small shul.

Light your Chanukah candles, and then your Shabbas candles at 6:31pm.

Join our pre-shul Chanukah party at 6:40pm! Yummy food, live music with our favorite Marimba boys, get a magnet pic of yourself for a mother city memento. & much more!

Shul service starts at 7pm & we aiming to be done regular time at 7:45pm. And don’t forget to collect your photo magnet on the way out of shul!

Much thanks to our generous sponsors who have made this party possible.

Mazel Tov to Farrel Strul on his 40th birthday! May HaShem bless you and your mishpocho with many great decades ahead and the koach to keep serving our community, especially in Muizenberg.

Mazel Tov to Robyn De Biaggi on her special bday, to Brian Shles on his 60th birthday, to Colin Rosenberg on his 80th birthday to Ruby & Bernice Maron on their 60th wedding anniversary!! To each one, many happy healthy decades filled with emesse Yiddishe nachas.

We going up the mountain!! The annual Torah on the Top of Lions Head takes place this Monday morning, December 30. Group climb starts at 6am & theminyan begins at 7am. Weather forecast is predicting great cool, clear climbing weather! Boys bring your tefillin & everyone try shlep up a siddur- but don’t forget good hiking shoes & some drinking water.

Condolences to Herschel Glaser & Rhona Wolpert on the passing of their beloved brother, Leon Glaser. Our sympathies to Leon’s daughters, Hillary Frankel & Avron Pollack who fulfilled their father’s last wish to be brought back to CT and laid to rest here.

We bid a sad farewell to Ian Rubin this week. Condolences to Bubbles on the loss of her husband, to siblings Jack & Phyllis and to son, Mark Rubin. Special wishes to a beloved part of our Shul history Arnaud-Claude on his loss.

Condolences to Anton, Gavin & Neil Schiff on the passing of their beloved mom there, Sylvia Schiff.

To all the families, may HaShem grant you comfort & strength.

Chanukah’s candles are an eternal reminder of the power of light over dark, spirit over matter, right over wrong. Make sure to light your 6 Chanukah candles this evening and let our light continue to shine.

Shabbat shalom & happy Chanukah!!!!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg