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Dear Friend,

From Sinai, we move into Purim!

Purim will be held at Hogwarts, which is just a platform and ¾ away from Shushan and the invidious magic of Haman. Diarize Wednesday 20 March, when the magic begins! Call the Shul or click here to book early and get your discount.

Yeshiva of CT and Ohr Somayach are hosting a Purim “TED” talk event on Thursday night. Ideas worth spreading…Marais Road Shul, March 7, 7:30pm. Oh, and they’re serving Beer and Pretzels!

Condolences to Warren Weiner on the passing of his mother, Lydia Weiner. We wish you strength and comfort.

Ladies Tehillim Circle with Rebbetzin Sara Wineberg, This Shabbat mevarchim @ 6.30pm in the Shul Hall.

Mazel tov to Stacy and Grant Kavnat on the birth of their daughter, Yona! Little Yona was named in Shul yesterday morning in an emotional service, as she received her late grandfather, Jeff Kleinman’s, name. Mazel tov to Grandma Bev Kleinman, and great grandma Rene Kleinman- Much nachas!

A city can only be considered ‘Jewish’ when it has a functioning Mikveh, the bedrock of Jewish Family life. Our Mikveh is 40 years old & in desperate need of a major refurbishment to prepare our young families for the next 40 years.

The UOS has committed to a R4m project & to support their efforts Rebbetzin Sara has undertaken to ride the Cape Argus & raise 100k Rands! See newspaper article here & click here to support your Rebbetzin as she makes history next Sunday.

In the meantime, fellow rider Gita Osrin is hosting Rebbetzin Sara for a Mikveh awareness evening in her home this coming week. RSVP to join!

Thanks for the many messages of support & feedback for my Derech Eretz talk on SABC 2! If you missed it, click here to watch the program. I’m pleased by how many shared with me that they watch every Sunday morning. Shkayach!

Shabbat Shalom & happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg