Dear Friend,

Sara & I are still trying to absorb the events of the last few days as we merited to experience our oldest daughter Esther’s wedding.

The one highlight that keeps jumping out at me is the Chuppah on Marais Rd. If it would have just been a chuppah on the road, dayenu. If it had been just in front of the magnificent Marais Road Shul- our community’s spiritual home- dayenu. If it had been just the choir & Cantor Joffe electrifying Sea Point with their welcoming, ‘Baruch Haba’- dayenu!

But it was that and much much more: You.

The love & pure joy of our community embraced us in a bear hug that took our breath away. You formed a protective ring of love & care around our family that transformed our family simcha into a holy moment in time. It will live with us forever.

Thank you dear community for your presence, your messages, your participation in our simcha, whether physically near or far. If the whole wedding had been just that: dayenu!

Due to the time pressures of the simcha, I’m unable this week to comment on the various important goings on in our community. Pls see the Shmooze for all the info.

What didn’t make into the Shmooze was the sad passing of Dominique Eisenberg’s mother, Thea Bonnici. We wish her and the entire family long life and only good things to accompany you in the future. May HaShem grant you strength & comfort in this time.