Dear Friend

Israel’s woes became even more personal on Monday night as my daughter landed in Ben Gurion to continue her studies in Israel. As she tells it, while there is a palpable edginess currently to life in Israel, people bravely go about their day- albeit with extra caution and protection- determined not to allow homicidal maniacs to stop life. Israel and her people are us so please, add a prayer for Esther and Israel’s 6 million Jews, that they may live in safety and security.

I was moved to see an MK (member of Knesset) stand up at the podium in Israel’s Parliament and simply, elegantly, recite Psalm 121. We said it together in Shul last Friday Night and are reciting it each morning in Shul. You can too, just click here.

The Jewish Community is joining together in Prayer on Sunday Night at Morasha Shul, Arthurs Rd Sea Point. Mincha will start at 6:30 and I encourage everyone to come together in this difficult time.

And may Hashem answer our prayers favourably, Amen.

Zoe Cohen is celebrating her Bat Mitzvah this Shabbas! Mazel Tov to her parents, Gavin Cohen & Adi Cohen; & to her grandparents Benjy & Michelle Lapiner. Lots of nachas! Gav’s mom Fima passed away just over a year ago and I know that she and Eric are looking down withbig smiles this Shabbas…

Music in Shul? On Friday Night?! Yes!

To usher in this year’s Shabbos Project, Cantor Ivor will lead us in a musical Kabbalat Shabbat! Sunset (the onset of Shabbat) is after 7 so we’ll put the instruments away before then and enter Shabbos with extreme joy. Don’t miss this Marais Rd First! October 23…

Keeping it together? Join us for Shabbas lunch Picnic in the Park! Each participant will get a full lunch in a ‘picnic bag’ sponsored by Shoprite Checkers- thanks guys! Kids events, program for the big people and a great spirit…you must book so visit or call the Shul office 0214397543.

Of course it all comes together with the seuda to bid the Shabbas queen “farewell”. After Shabbas an array of musicians will lead us in a musical Havdalah- you got to see the energy to believe it!

Welcome Grade 4! Tonight’s Herzlia Weizmann grade dinner will be a great hit as we welcome Principal Mr. Krupenia, teachers, learners, parents, grandparents and siblings!

Mazels to Gill Speechly on her 60th Birthday, many more decades with great vigour and success!

Mazel tov to Andy & Jacqui Rodgers on the birth of their granddaughter! Much continued nachas.

Remember the Hungarian fascist who found out from his grandmother that he was Jewish? I shared his story of renewal on Yom Kippur, before Yizkor, and many were fascinated by it. Well, Csanad Szegedi will be in Cape Town this Sunday night! Don’t miss his compelling talk. Sunday October 18 at the Claremont Shul, 8pm.

I was pleased to see Zelda Ruttenberg/Margolis in good and feisty spirits as she recovers from a fall on Simchas Torah (it was during the praying, not the dancing!). I know everyone joins me in wishing Zelda a complete and speedy recovery!

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading