Dear Friend

Shkayach! What a Shabbas, what energy. I was truly moved at the vast amount of people engaged in observing this Shabbas. From those who kept the whole Shabbos to those who made sure to walk to Shul, to those who especially came to the Shabbas day service, to those who wouldn’t switch anything on or off…well done!

Marais Road Shul’s events were well attended and the picnic was a huge hit. In the words of someone who was moved to email and send in a donation:

I would like to thank the organisers of the wonderful Shabbat Project this past weekend. I enjoyed the sessions with the three Rabbis and the picnic was a sheer delight.

Thanks to Cantor Ivor for organising the fabulous musical Kabbalat Shabbat service. Shkayach to Rabbi Nissan Goldman, Amos Levine and Jason Hellman for their string accompaniment. To Erez Shaked for his drums; to Herzlia Constantia for their percussion instruments and to everyone who got involved! The picnic was sponsored by Shoprite Checkers and organized by Rebbetzin Sara Wineberg and Kerry Miller and it was beyond memorable. A big thank you to Rabbi Johnny Altman who participated in our revolving Shabbas Shiur. Shkayach to all!

Of course the chief organiser of the Shabbos Project is our Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein. At the joint seuda in Weizmann hall, I had the opportunity to thank him on behalf of the 400 people present. Kol hakavod!

But of course the real organiser of the Shabbos Project is the Al-mighty, Hashem Himself! While we don’t say ‘kol hakavod’ to G-d, we may thank Him for His eternal gift of Shabbos. I know that everyone who experienced an added taste of Shabbos this past week enjoyed it immensely. There have been many requests for more regular organized Shabbos programs. We are considering doing so and I would appreciate any input on this idea. Just reply to this email with your thoughts!

Wednesday morning’s breakfast was sponsored by Arnie Pillemer in honour of his 80th birthday and it was a beautiful morning. Shkayach and mazel tov!

This morning’s daven e caffe was well attended. Thanks to our beverage sponsor Philip Abrahamson for always supplying us with San Pellegrino and Aqua Pana- the best bottled water, anywhere!

Mazel tov to Johnny and Wendy Raichman on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Amy! Mazel tov grandparents Gerald and Barbara Raichman. This is the second Raichman Simcha this year so much much nachas!

Yeshiva nights have restarted. Spend an hour soaring in the wonderful intellectual world of Torah! Contact to get your study partner. Monday nights 8-9pm.

The Hebrew Reading course is back! Led by Rebbetzin Chani Hecht, it has returned due to popular demand! Judging by the last course, if you’ve ever thought of learning or brushing up on your Hebrew (reading) this is for you! And Rebbetzin Chani will be offering a reading 202 course early in 2016. So get in on the beginners now and keep growing… email or visit today! Starting this Monday night, November 2.

Chorister Barrie and Eve Reingold are celebrating their (Golden) 50th wedding anniversary. Mazel tov, may you have many more years together with much nachas, love and joy!

While 50 is impressive, Abe and Ada Newman beat them as they celebrate their- get this- 64th wedding anniversary! Kenehora pu pu puJ. What’s truly surprising is how people so young could’ve been married that long. Truly makes the case for getting married earlier in life! Abe and Ada, may Hashem bless you with continued nachas, love and good health. Mazel tov!

Mazel tov to Michael Felthun on the birth of a grandson in Israel. A few years ago, we actually performed the baby naming for this boy’s older sister in Shul. But a bris cannot be done long distance, so Michael is in Israel to celebrate there. Mazel tov!

Bar Mitzvahs also cannot be done remotely so we wish a mazel tov to the Shul Committee’s President, Arnold and Sonia Bloch on the Bar Mitzvah this Shabbas of their grandson Aaron Immerman in Melbourne! Having watched my parent’s joy at their grandson’s recent BM, I can only imagine the joy and pride that Arnold and Sonia will be experiencing in Australia this Shabbas (and that’s not even getting into the World Cup!). Enjoy the simcha and we look forward to your return. Mazel tov!

Shabbat shalom and happy reading!