Dear Friend

Last weekend was full of world records; the biggest, the largest. A group
photo of over 3000 rabbis must’ve been a record and the enterprising rabbi
cum selfie photographer pulled off another record for largest ‘selfie’.

Later in the evening, as over 5000 Rabbis, family and partners gathered at
the Marine Terminal in Brooklyn for the concluding ‘banquet’ of the Chabad
Shluchim Conference, another record was set for the largest sit-down dinner
in New York City (& New York is a big place!).

And being at the dinner with 5 members of Marais Road Shul certainly sets
another record!

With so many records it’s easy to lose sight of the true energy and
experience of the ‘kinus’- the value of every individual. Each ‘shliach’
believes that the world rests on their shoulders; it’s up to them. Equally,
each individual encounter- every person- is a world, and that meeting
contains infinite potential & promise.

Multiply each person, each encounter, each act of goodness, each mitzvah,
and you begin to feel the energy pulsating through the conference.

So, having returned with a renewed focus on the individual, I extend a
hearty Mazel Tov to an individual who has played a central role in leading
our congregation. To our Cantor Emeritus Philip Badash on recently
celebrating his 90th birthday! May HaShem bless you, together with Doreen to
have many healthy years filled with nachas from family and community.

Mazel Tov to Ronit Kagan on her upcoming wedding to Jack Abramowitz! Mazels
to parents Hammy and Miranda Kagan. Hammy is a consistent presence at our
Shabbas services and we’re thrilled to be celebrating the simcha with them.
Mazel Tov!

Yeshiva of Cape Town is growing! We were fortunate to welcome Netanel who
has just joined the team from Israel. And in the next few weeks another
Bachur will be joining as well. With new bachurim comes newly opened slots
for one on one learning at our Yeshiva and I encourage to quickly book your
time for Torah study! Contact Rabbi Pini Hecht asap…

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!