Dear Friend

Eternity means that the older you are the more refreshed, the more motivated and energised, you become.

We all know the moment when we buy into the experience of aging. When we allow ourselves the luxury of getting tired and we hear the words in our head “I’ve had enough”. After all, isn’t that the way of the world? The older something is, the more knocks it’s taken, the weaker and less radiant it is?

But then there are our people, Israel. Born some 4000 years ago, Hashem promised our Founders that we would be an eternal people. That age, as well as dents, scrapes and deep bruises, would never diminish our energy. Would never dim our eyes.

And there is our Land, Israel. A land eternally gifted to our people. A land with new reservoirs and founts of energy and vitality. A land at once ancient and completely contemporary. A land that has absorbed more sieges, attacks, occupations and expulsions than any other. Yet blossoms forth, rejuvenated, like no other.

And last night, in our eternal capital, Yerushalayim, the two eternities merged. A family, broken from the anti Jewish hate and terror that murdered their father and brother, husband and son; this family rose up again. Ascending the mountain of Jerusalem, sucking the marrow of the eternity of our Land, Sara Techiya Litman and Ariel Beigel invited the whole Jewish People to their wedding. Barely days after Shiva they got married in one of Israel’s largest Halls, with thousands in attendance, including many who flew in from around the world. Tens of thousands watched live via the internet. Untold tears were shed. Yet, “mazel tov!”, a celebration of a new couple, a new family in our ever-growing-younger People.

Mazel tov Sara and Ariel. Thank you for teaching us how to embrace our eternity. How to be young again.

Ettie Buch is also one of the eternals. Mazel tov Ettie on your 95th birthday! Kenehora! Mazel tov to my dear friends, Stanley and Lynette Yach and Colin and Debbie Yach, Jacqui & Warren Amler and David Yach as well as Beverly and Alan Movson on their mother and grandmother’s special Simcha. Ettie still walks to shul each Shabbos, and her glow and sparkle in her eyes get brighter each week. It’s true when I say that Ettie keeps us young. May Hashem bless you with continued good health and much much nachas- eternally!

Mazel tov to Hymie Philips on the upcoming wedding of his son, Rael to Candice Levetan! We’re looking forward to the ufruf and the celebration that will follow. Much nachas!

This morning’s daven e caffe was special, not just because we had standing room only at breakfast, but because it was sponsored by Adam Zartz in memory of his father, Theo Zartz. A big thank you to Philip Abrahamson for ensuring we always have quality Aqua Pana and S. Pellegrino water!

Tonight we welcome in the children for monthly birthday blessings. Please contact the shul office if you wish to put your child’s name on the list for the blessing, and a chocolate!

Our condolences to Michaela and Romy Tyfield on the passing of their father Jeremy Tyfield. May Hashem grant you comfort and strength.

Chanukah is next Sunday, December 6. Click here for more details on how to prepare for this wonderful chag and the big mitzvah of lighting the Chanukah candles each night.

Please check the schmooze for Marais Rd Shul’s amazing events over Chanukah. This year it’s before the end of the school year, so make every effort to attend!

Mazel tov to Jeremy and Ruth Chaitman on their 40th wedding anniversary; to Melvyn and Anita Greenstein on the birth of a granddaughter and Freda Toube on the engagement of her daughter Chantal to Jason Blumberg. Mazel tov!!

Welcome to Daniel Halle, our newest addition to the Yeshiva of Cape Town!

Hundreds have already updated their details and entered into a competition to win a Kindle reader. Thank you! If you haven’t received the email or can’t open the web page please contact Debra who will help you update your details and enter the completion. Only 3 weeks left!

Shabbat shalom and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg