Dear Friend

If you were hoping to learn of the SONA (State of our Nation) last night you might have been disappointed. In fact, you’ll only learn that in two weeks time at the budget report. Last night was not about SONA, but rather about MONA (MOOD of our nation)! As the Chief Rabbi said in his sermon on New Years in our Shul, the mood has shifted in a positive way in SA (accountability is the name of the game) and to many this was evident last evening.

And on that note, we’re honoured to welcome the honourable Jack Bloom MPL, who has served as a DA MP in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature since 1994. He is also the author of the remarkable book 30 nights in a shack. Jack will deliver the shiur after the brocho, titled, “Jews in Politics, good or bad?”.

Rabbi Immanuel Zadok is a former Rabbi in Cape Town and an intrepid world traveller and businessman. We’re honoured to welcome him to our Shul for this Shabbas!

Mazel tov to Colin and Rita Katzen on celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary this past week! The Katzen’s are yiddishe mainstays of our community and we wish them many years of health, happiness and much nachas.

Mazels to Geoffrey and Carin Wolman on the birth of granddaughter- much nachas!

“Dancing with the Stars” led by Rebbetzin Sara was a huge hit! There have been many requests by the ladies for more events so stay tuned!

On the topic of ladies’ events, the ladies get together one Shabbas a month to recite the whole book of Tehillim (Psalms), which brings much benefit and blessing to those who recite and those in who’s merit, the Tehillim is said. This Shabbas, 7pm in the Shul Hall.

Mazel tov to Torah Mitzion on winning Israel’s prestigious Jerusalem Prize! Torah Mitzion is the organization which sources and trains Yeshiva students in Israel to travel abroad for a year of community learning and empowerment. We are proud recipients as they provide our wonderful Bachurim at our resident Yeshiva of Cape Town. We are so proud of their founder and director, South African Rabbi Ze’ev Schwartz and of the Yeshiva’s director Rabbi Jonathan Glass who had a big part in setting up the Torah MItzion model. Mazel tov!

This week we entered the joyous month of Adar with large morning services that included a spirited Hallel and singing. A big ‘shkayach’ to all those who are participating in our growing morning services!

Shabbat Shalom and joyous reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg