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Mazel Tov to veteran chorister Mompie and Sandy Saven on celebrating their Granddaughter Emma’s Bat Mitzvah this Shabbas! Emma’s dad, Gary, is also a chorister making a dynamic father & son duo (although on opposite sides of the voice spectrum). Mazel Tov to Gary and Laila Saven on Emma’s batty!

Speaking of Saven’s, congratulations to Hylton Saven (Gary’s cousin) on his election as a Trustee of our Shul. Congratulations to new trustee Alan Smiedt, who’s long served as the Shul’s honorary counsellor-at law. Also thanks and congrats are in order to Les Marco who has stood and been re-elected to another 5 year term. Robert Feinblum just completed his 5 year term and we thank him for his dedicated service to our Shul- and look forward to his continued involvement!

Speaking of Hylton, your Saturday Night Live host Hylton Arelisky is all set to offer you an evening to remember! The Shavuot Dinner is going to be memorable, educational and fun! If you still wish to book some seats please call Portia immediately to see if there’s space- 0214397543.

And speaking of Smiedt, Captain Dale Smiedt is all set to argue the question of the ‘Right to Die’, which has been a hot topic of late in South Africa. Join Dale as he slugs it out with Gina Isserow and their respective teams! The Great Debate kicks off our all-night learning program and runs from 10:30-11:15pm this Saturday Night.

Speaking of congratulations, our Shul’s 82nd AGM elected a new management committee with Arnold Bloch as President. Congratulations and thanks to Arnold and the entire team! In the words of our Shabbas Prayer, “To all those who engage faithfully with the needs of our community, may Hashem repay your reward…may all their efforts be blessed with success”. Stephen Gore has finished a long and fruitful career in the committee and we thank him and look forward to his continued guidance.

And speaking of AGM, don’t miss the 3327th AGM of our constitution- the Ten Commandments! Bring your kids or just yourselves to Shul on Sunday morning 10am and be present as we re-experience the Ten Commandments as they’re read from the very Torah whose anniversary we celebrate on this day.

Speaking of rewards, on Sunday (first day of Shavuot) our children services are launching a new reward system- Mcards! Bring your children to Shul on first day to begin collecting their very own Mitzvah Cards. Children win in 4 easy steps 1. Attend children’s service 2. Collect cards 3. Bank cards 4. Spend the cards on prizes and special outings!

Our condolences to Eta and Loren Scher and the whole family on the passing of their beloved husband and father, Solly Scher. When Solly was in Shul we all sat a little straighter and taller. His presence will be missed but we will continue to sit straight as proud Jews.

Speaking of Jewish pride, we wish Jack and Maureen Ginsburg a big mazel tov on celebrating their grandson’s Bar Mitzvah in Los Angeles!

Speaking of choristers, much much thanks to Sam and Reva Chait who, year in and year out, decorate the Shul with flowers and fruit in honour of Shavuot. This year, after spending a number of months in Israel with their family, they ensured that they were back for their annual contribution to the Shul. Thank you!

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