Join us tonight- in Shul!

Dear Friend,

Well, first things first. Tonight’s Zervice takes you into our Shul! All the technology that you’re used to from home, is moving into the Shul to create a special musical davening experience.

The Zervice (and in person Shul service) will begin at 5:30pm.

To book your Shul seat for Shabbas- or for Rosh Hashanah- visit

And booking just got easier! No need to login or register- just choose your favourite Shul 🙂 and you’re on your way.

Mazel tov to the Prez! Shul President, David Gordon, who oozes Shul and Yiddishe values, turns 50 this week. David is also the Shul Choirmaster, and we pray for a time soon to join him in Celebration in his beloved Shul, conducting his beloved choir. A fab decade ahead!

You probably won’t be in Shul this Rosh Hashanah so come Hear the Shofar on the street! We will be blowing the Shofar on the steps of the Marais Road Shul every hour on the hour: When: Sunday, September 20, every hour on the hour from 9am-1pm. Just pitch up and safely do the Mitzvah. 

Please join your Rabbonim & Chazan this Thursday evening for the “Rosh Hashanah Address”. Cantor Joffe will lead us in some of  your Rosh Hashanah favorites and I will present this year’s New Year’s Drosha. 8-9pm

Mazel tov to Talya Katz on her 40th Birthday! We are so missing your kinderlach in Shul each Shabbas. May you continue to have much nachas from your beautiful family!

Mazel tov to Michael Binder on his 70th Birthday! Many happy, healthy decades ahead.

Mazel tov to Russel and Cindy Schiff on their 20th Wedding Anniversary. Many decades of continued love, joy, and Nachas!

It’s been a busy Simcha season in the Shapiro household. Mazel tov to Harold & Sonia Shapiro on the marriage of their granddaughter, Esther Kornblum to Chai Chasid in Israel and the marriage of their grandson, Shneir Zalman Shapiro to Noa Raz in America. I know how proud you guys of your grandchildren, and we’re so excited for you to enjoy all this nachas- even from afar.

Our Shul was very well represented in the Jewish Board of Deputies (Cape Council) vote this year. Mazel tov to Li Boiskin, Lester Hoffman, Viv Anstey, Tzvi Brivik & David King who were voted on to the Board of Deputies for a two-year term. Shkayach! May you have success in representing our community and sticking up for the Jewish community, when needed.

And the representation continues. At the same conference, our 2 honorary life members received a special award! Mazel tov to Ella Blumenthal & Miriam Lichterman who jointly received the Elliot & Myra Osrin Jewish Vision Award. One of the questions I wish I could answer in these unusual times, is what would Elliot do? Well, he certainly would get much nachas from this presentation! Ella and Miriam, may the Aibershter bentch you with many more gezunte yohren, freilicherheit. We love you and are so proud of the imopact you have had on our community.

Condolences to Charles, Harry & Gary Goldin and to Sandra Schneider on the passing of their mother, Stella Goldin. Stella was a regular in Shul who took much pleasure from our Shabbas services. May you know only comfort and strength.

If every year there’s a need to help the less fortunate within, this year proves the rule. As always the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund will do its bit to make a difference in the lives of others. If you know of someone who needs some financial support to get through Yom Tov or any other struggle, please let me know so we could help.

It was encouraging to hear from Marco van Embden of the important role that the various Rabbi’s Discretionary Funds have been playing in supporting our community in this time. If you are able to support the Fund in this time, then please consider making a contribution.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

Bidvest Savings

Acct 4119444001

branch 462005

ref: your name

Sukkahmart Cape Town is open! Get your Lulav & Etrog sets. DIY Succahs & Permanent Schach.

To order phone Tanya on 072 435-4591 or email

Collection will be from Camps Bay Shul or a nominal charge for delivery.

Shabbat shalom & happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

W 021 439 7543

F  021 434 3760