Dear Friend

Chaos is frightening. It pulls us in different directions and takes us away from our centre; it is disorienting. Like a person on a spinning wheel, the cure for dizziness is to fix your eyes on a central point.

Tish’a b’Av (the 9th day of the Jewish month, Av) is a day in which we focus on the chaos of Jewish history. The day that saw both holy Temples destroyed in Jerusalem- amongst many other tragedies which occurred on this day. Click here for laws of the fast

It’s a day that gives us pause to consider the chaos in our global world. We are living in a state of flux; our universe is spinning. Gone are the old world orders, neatly stacked up as East vs West. Gone are the alliances and reliance of days gone by. What and who will fill its place? That is a chaotic question, and it makes many very nervous.

The Tish’a B’Av solution is to focus on the fixed centre point. Geographically, it has been & always will be, Jerusalem. Spiritually, it is our Torah and a higher degree of relevance of our Jewish identity.

(A wonderful demonstration of this is found in this Shabbas. You see, the 9th of Av is actually on Shabbas- so technically this Saturday should be the saddest day of our year, with fasting, mournful prayers, etc. But it’s not Saturday…it’s Shabbas- the focal point of Jewish time. Hence, we delay the fast with all its practices to Saturday night and Sunday, while on Shabbas we act as we would any other Shabbas: with feasting and joy. How can we do this on such a ‘sad’ day? Because when you’re focused on the inner point of it all, your world stabilizes and there is only joy of purpose.)

So Marais Rd Shul is offering to get you ‘centered’! On Saturday night, as we begin the fast of Tish’a B’Av, we will hear from Mrs. Miriam Lichterman about the great pre-war city life of Warsaw, as well as the miracle of her survival through the German death camps. Miriam is a most eloquent speaker and her story will surely move you and your family. July 25 7:30pm main Shul.

For full Shabbas and Tish’a b’Av schedule, please check the Shmooze. Sunday morning’s program includes a gripping tour of Jewish history and a powerful video lecture on the Bar Kochba revolt.

On Monday, Rebbetzin Chani Hecht begins a 5-week crash course in Hebrew reading! Empower yourself with this course and get Jewishly centred! Whether you’re in need of a refresher course or learning for the first time, this course is for you. And what’s more- there’s a 50% sale of R149 which ends today! Call Portia 0214397543 or click here.

Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf, prominent author of ‘Practical Kabbalah’ will be launching our pre High Holiday series, Mind Body & Soul. Coming all the way from Australia, Rabbi Wolf is a world traveller in high international demand. He’ll be exploring our neuroplastic brain, and how to break negative habits. Don’t miss his lecture on August 11! Booking through the Shul.

Mazel tov to Arthur and Lauren Gillis on Anton’s engagement to Taryn Goldstein! Lots of nachas!

Our condolences to Nora Chinn on the devastating loss of her daughter Stephanie Klugman. May Hashem provide comfort and strength.

Our Condolences to Perry and Anthony Kawitzky and to Hillary Sachs & Rhona Gordon- and to the Kawitzky mishpocho- on the passing of their mother and matriarch, Bella Kawitzky.

Shabbat Shalom!