Dear Friend

So who IS Israel’s BFF? (Best Friend Forever, for those under 12!) It was fascinating listening to my father, Rabbi Yitzchak Wineberg of Vancouver, share his relationship with Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The event was the monthly daven e caffe which included our annual Shofar blowing competition! Well done to contestants Philip, Julian, Mendel, Selwyn, Ari, Aubrey, Maurice and Kappie. Congrats to Adi Kaimovitz on winning the competition! Anyway, today PM Harper is considered Israel’s best friend on the international arena. My father, who has a longstanding relationship with the PM, was personally invited to join Mr. Harper on a his state visit to Israel. Click here to listen to the PM’s remarkable speech delivered at the Knesset!

Anyway, due to popular demand my father will be delivering the shiur tomorrow after the brocho, titled: Tips in human change from a Jewish Trailblazer.

A warm welcome to my parents, Rabbi Yitzchak and Henia Wineberg, and my youngest brother Mendy, who have come to celebrate Mendel’s Bar Mitzvah with us (I hope to celebrate with you next weekend!).

Mazel tov to Anton and Gina Israele, and Granny Judy Israele on the birth of a daughter! We’re very excited for the baby naming tomorrow and we thank Anton and Gina for sponsoring the brocho in honour of baby ???’s birth. Lots of nachas from the growing family!

Congratulations to the graduates of the Hebrew Reading course! Led by Rebbetzin Chani Hecht, over 20 students graduated last night in what I understand was a moving ceremony with many asking for a level 2 course. Stay tuned for more info.

Speaking of graduates, a warm mazel tov to the graduates of the Batty club 2015! After a year of stimulating lessons, dynamically led by Rebbetzin Sara Wineberg, 15 young ladies will have their ceremony in the Shul this Sunday 3-4pm. Each year the Batty’s graduation focuses on another theme and their performance, together with Cantor Ivor Joffe, is truly moving. All are invited!

Tuesday night truly was a mix of laughter and tears as a full crowd gathered to understand the notion of the afterlife. Many personal tales and questions were addressed. Much thanks to Simba of the ‘Lion King’ for helping us understand these ideas more deeply! My lecture concluded Marais Road’s three week series on Mind, Body & Soul, which was superbly organized by our director of education, Rabbi Hecht. Recordings of these talks are available, please email if you want one.

Mazels to Michelle Cohen and Harold Hessen who both celebrated their 60th birthdays this week. Amazing how 60 year olds keep getting younger and younger! Man years of good health and Yiddishe nachas…

Next Saturday night is the start of Selichot, the special services we say leading up to the High Holy Days. The first one, on Saturday Night, is recited at Midnight. It’s a very moving service that really gets you in the mood of the days of Awe, which are approaching. 12am shiur by my uncle, Rav Levy Wineberg of Johannesburg on the Kabbalah of Regret; 12:30-1am Selichot. Small Shul and refreshments will be served.

As we heat up for the High Holy Days, it’s important to consider the many needs of this season and how many cannot afford to pay. Yom tov meals, needs for the holidays, etc. often put pressure on those who are struggling. My Rabbi’s discretionary fund continues to assist them and I ask you for your support in this time. A very big thank you to those who have already made contributions! If you wish to make one, you could make deposit to the Shul and note that it’s for the discretionary fund.

If you know of anyone who needs assistance, please let me know. All info will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!