Dear Friend

Wow! Instead of attempting to describe Yom Kippur, I will let YOU do so. Here is a sampling of the messages I have received over the past 24 hours…

heart- warming to see so many young people in attendance

I’ve been saying Yizkor for 40 years but this was by far the most meaningful service

thanks for the focus and inspiration that my family obtained in listening to you and being part of
the meaningful services…

…an honour to have been part of the largest Jewish gathering in SA!

But the communications that really got me were ones like these:

Would you be able to assist me in putting up Mezuzahs?

Rabbi, we’d like to kosher our kitchen in Bantry Bay…

There can’t be a greater compliment! If the High Holy Days are about inspiration and growth then it can only be in action that we measure the impact. So, whether it’s a set of Tefillin, or to learn how to put them on; advice on which activity you should refrain from on Shabbos (a la the Kol Nidrei Sermon); or help with a mezuzah- that’s the greatest thank you us Rabbis could hope for! And together with our Bachurim, we’ll help Kosher your kitchen as well…

Can you imagine skipping your own wedding reception? Please see below to read the most moving drama that came out of YK for my dear friend and colleague, Rabbi Deren (Chabad of the West Coast).

You’ve prayed through hours and hours of services, so reward yourself with the joyous yom tov of Sukkot! And now for the good news- Sukkah Mart has spare lulav & etrog sets, as well as some pre-fab DIY Sukkah’s for you! Call Tanya 0724354591 or email her . Pick-up is at Marais Rd. Shul!

And now, for our first simcha of the New Year, big mazels to Gavin and Lyanne Peters on Julia’s Bat Mitzvah! Mazels to grandparents Hylton and Maureen Malach, and Jenny Burnett…Much much nachas!

Mazel tov to Michael Felthun on the engagement of his son Gary to Toni Copans! I know that grandpa Oscar is kveling from himmel.

Congrats to Paul Rawraway on celebrating his 40th birthday! Few people come in to Shul with the sense of joy as Paul does…,mazel tov Pauli!

Mazel tov to Ruth Valentini, our long time senior Children’s services maddie, on her engagement to Mendy Kievman of Liverpool! Mazels to my dear friends and partners at Cape Town Torah High, Sheila and Dozi Valentini! Lot’s of nachas…

Mazeltov to Justin and Esther Figov on celebrating their…65th wedding anniversary! Many more years together, in good health.

Condolences to Max and Stan Abramson on the passing of their wife and mother, Blume.

Condolences to Stanley, Mavis, Rita and Sheila on the passing of their mother, Ena Becker.

Please see the email exchange below. It made me think- and feel.

See the Shmooze for a complete Sukkot (first days) schedule.

Shabbat shalom, chag sameach, and happy reading!