Do u celebrate misery? aka Will the Shul be Full?

Dear Friend,


How come we like to be miserable? Think about it: when is the Shul full? When the service is endless and we’re all starving!

If you’re like me, and celebrating this national wave of optimism, then perhaps consider dipping your finger into a bit of joy…

Yup, I’m talking about the wackiest, happiest day on the Jewish calendar: Purim. Whatever your age or stage, join us on Wednesday night for a quick noisy service followed by the greatest circus on earth! (well, not really, but that’s Purim for you????) Megillah reading at 7:45pm, circus and dinner starts 8:30pm. It’s cheaper if you book in advance so click here and book today.

Once again, Marais Road Shul is organizing the hippest young people’s Purim event at Caprice in Camps Bay. Diarize Thursday March 1! Email for details of this awesome event.

There are 5 mitzvot on Purim, click here for more info or read the Shabbas Shmooze. One of those obligations is to distribute money to the poor. Once again, the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund will be distributing tzedakah on Purim. If you wish to get in on the act, pleasemake a deposit and ref ‘Purim’. All monies collected will be distributed on Purim day to the less fortunate in our community. If you know of someone who needs assistance, please let me know and we will handle it with characteristic dignity and discretion. Thank you!

Bank details: Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund Bidvest Savings account 4119444001 (Investec clients add 2 zeroes at the end of the account number) ref: your name + Purim.

Our Thursday lunch shiur was sponsored by Evie Rabinowitz in memory of a few loved one’s Yohrtzeits- and what a great crowd there was! I encourage those with a bit of free time to join us on Thursdays for real quality time. Thank you Evie!

It’s really special to welcome Harry Figov who is honouring his parents by sponsoring the brocha this week and reciting Haftorah. Although Harry lives in Toronto, he’s honouring his roots on this visit. Shkayach!

Mazel tov to Issy Kotzen on his 95th birthday and to Barney Singer on his 95th! Many years of good health and nachas.

 Condolences to Tammy Hirschsohn on the loss of her husband, Clive, and to Ronen Jackson on the passing of his beloved stepfather. May Hashem give the family strength.

Thank you to all who participated in the double your donation campaign for little Aaron! With your help, 150,000 Rands was donated to the family. They still have a way to go for their 1.5m campaign so it’s not too late to make a difference. Click here to donate.

Shabbat Shalom and happy happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg