Do you believe in miracles?

Dear Friend,

Do you believe in miracles? Not that they can, possibly, potentially, theoretically, happen- but that they do happen?

Some of us look for miracles, and see them. Last week’s Shabbat Dinner “under the stars” in Sea Point felt like such a miracle. Was it the fact that we had over 600 bookings in just 2 days? Or that General Kerry was determined to service each one, without turning away one pre-booked seat? What would YOU call moving an entire banquet in one day due to high winds- without a glitch? Perhaps the miracle was that with 600 of our brothers and sisters, everyone enjoyed?? And was it a miracle that every. Single. plate of salmon was perfectly prepared? (NO, because Merle Rubin catered and with Merle, we EXPECT the miraculous! TY Merle!)

After all the excitement and drama of the biggest Shabbas Dinner Cape Town has ever witnessed, the greatest miracles were performed by each one of you who kept Shabbas or in some way enhanced your Shabbat observance; to those who “did” the Shabbos Project! Thank you for allowing me to still believe in Miracles…

In the Holy Tongue, the word for miracles (nes) is related to the word for ‘lifting’ or a ‘banner’. That’s because a miracle is what we call the act of rising above the laws of nature. Well, when each one of us rises above our own natural behaviour- our habits- and acts in a higher, more sublime, way- isn’t that a miracle?

Shay-Lee Geva is turning Bat Mitzvah and with her effervescent personality will certainly be reaching for the Jewish stars! Mazel tov to her parents, Dvir & Sigal Geva and grandparents, Rachel & Yossi Geva and Orna Nassimov and Samuel & Nola Nassimov. We’re looking forward to a ‘premier’ Shabbas experience and much nachas!

Mazel tov to Marcia Faktor on recently celebrating her 80th birthday. If, like me, you know Marcia and can’t believe she’s already reached this milestone, consider another crazy fact: that she and Harry are married for over 60 years! Kenehora! It was wonderful celebrating with you and your family at the Shabbat Dinner in Weizmann Hall and we wish you many years of good health and nachas.

Mazel tov to Brian & Karin Zolty on the recent birth of their granddaughter. May you have much nachas from your growing family!

A warm welcome to Mr. Krupenia and Herzlia Weizmann Grade Three teachers, learners and families for our final Grade Dinner of the Year! Don’t miss their Lecha Dodi appearance in Shul tonight led by our Cantor Ivor Joffe.

Condolences to Alan & Errol Rudnick & Beverley Cohen on the loss of their father, Harold Rudnick. May Hashem give you strength and comfort in this time.

Last night was the annual CSO appreciation dinner. Sara and I try to go every year as we don’t get too many opportunities to show these heroic men and women how much we appreciate their sacrifice and commitment for the sake of the safety of our community. So, tonight when you encounter CSO outside Marais Rd. Shul, please make a point of saying “thank you”!  


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg