Do you Purim?

Mincha is moving! From next week, March 17, Mincha will begin at 6pm.

Dear Friend,

Do you Purim? I mean, really Purim?

So you thought Purim was a noun, a thing, like Yo, a Jewish holiday?

No Sir! Purim is a State, but not like the State of Israel, or the United States. It’s a State of Being.

To Purim is to touch so deep you feel upside down. Kind of inside out with your Soul dancing merrily on your sleeve. When you Purim, you can’t distinguish between light and dark, friend or foe. It’s all good, man. Purim-ers rip away the mask of concealment and celebrate like there’s no yesterday.

So, you want to Purim? How do you get to that State of Being? Do the Mitzvah, dude! Well, actually it’s more like 4 Mitzvot, and it’s your pathway to Purim:

Hear the Megillah on Saturday Night and Sunday by day; On Sunday, give a food parcel to at least one mate, gifts to the poor and host a banquet for your friends (actually, by now you can’t tell who’s who. It’s a good thing.). Add little Lchaim, and presto, You Purim!

So you’re wondering, how do I do this? Where can I Purim? At Marais Rd Shul it’s all sorted:

Glow in the dark on Saturday night; Megilla reading at 8pm followed by a great party. Or, if you’re still a young adult, make your way to Caprice in Camps Bay where the fun starts at 8:30pm!

Sunday morning service is at 8am; Megillah reading 8:30am.

Too early? No problem! Join the Purim Carnival at Weizmann Parking 10:30-12:30 on Sunday. Megillah reading at 11:30am. Oh, and you’ll be able to pack and share Mishloach manot.

You’re almost there! You need to give gifts to at least two people. It’s simple: E-F-T!

My Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund continues to assist those in need. Make a donation and it will reach those in need, on Purim. Rabbi Disc Fund Bidvest 4119444001, savings account, branch 462005. ref: name + Purim. Please send proof of payment to

Finally, join us at the Wineberg residence for a Purim feast! from 5:30 on Sunday. RSVP

Let’s Purim!

While we’re so happy, let me tell you about a few wonderful smachot that we experienced lately.

Mazel tov to Naomi Sank and Eric and Sheila Samson on the wedding of their granddaughter Gabi Sank to Mendy Vogel. Sara and I know the Vogel family from London and we’re thrilled for both of these illustrious families that they are united in matrimony. Mazel tov!

On Sunday our Treasurer, Marc and Tamar Speechly celebrated the bris of their son who was named, Natan Gershon. On Wednesday Jonty and Dani Pauwen celebrated the bris of their son Shmuel Ze’ev. On Thursday, Trevor and Dalia Abromowitz celebrated the naming of their daughter, Rivka Maya and this coming Wednesday, Craig and Taryn Solomon will be celebrating the bris of their son, whose name is still a secret. Mazel tov!!!

Mazels to grandparents, former Shul President Stephen and Renee Gore and Hylton and Lee Solomon. Much deserved nachas!

Mazel tov to Trevor Garvin & Tania Garvin and grandfather, Michael Garvin on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter and granddaughter, Talia! Talia is a together kid who truly sees her Bat Mitzvah as the beginning of her Jewish Journey. I know it’ll be a long and fruitful one filled with much nachas. Mazel tov!

Mazel tov to Dr. Abie Goss on the birth of a grandson. I think that his son Daniel’s wedding was the first one I attended after my arrival in Cape Town. much nachas!

And just to one-up everyone, a double mazel tov to Melvyn and Mati Dobrin on the birth of TWIN grandsons. Mazel tov, mazel tov!

This Shabbat has a special reading, called Zachor: remember what Amalek did to you on your way out of Egypt. It’s a unique reading because it may be the only Torah reading all year which fulfils a Biblical commandment. Basically all men and women should be in Shul to hear the reading! If you’re there by 10am tomorrow, you’re safe.

Shabbat Shalom, happy reading…Let’s Purim!