Freud, Fruitcakes and a basket case.

Dear Friend,

A warm welcome to Rabbi Dr Yitzchak And Chana Shagalow of the USA who are spending Shabbos in Cape Town. Dr. Shagalow is a prominent psychologist based in Minnesota, and he has kindly agreed to deliver the shiur tomorrow after the Brocho. The Shiur is titled, “Moses, Freud & the 21stCentury”. All welcome!

Mazel tov to Hadassah Friedman on the birth of her granddaughter. May you experience much continued nachas!

Mazel tov and safe travels to Nathan & Jocelyn Pamensky on the forthcoming Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Sophie Bager in Tampa, Florida.

Mazel tov to Jeff & Tracey Melnick, Ann Melnick and Dora Rissen on the engagement of their son & grandson, Zac Melnick to Jenna Kassel. Enjoy the nachas!

Our fabulous Bachurim of the Chief Rabbi Cyril and Ann Harris Yeshiva of Cape Town (“Yeshiva of CT” in short) are running a special event tomorrow evening in honour of Tu Bishvat, the new year for trees. Join them for a fruit-filled, Tu Bishvat inspired Seudah followed by a musical Havdalah Sat 8th Feb Shul hall. 

Our condolences to Tilly Saacks on the loss of her husband and to Tamara, Eric, Robin & Belinda on the passing of their father and to Myra Allen on the loss of her brother, Harold (Hank) Saacks. May the family be blessed with comfort and strength.

Kids! Don’t miss the Tu B’Shvat Event with Youth leader Chanan. Sunday 9th Feb, Pot Plant decorating & planting 10.00-11.15am.

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg