Good Shabbas!

Ladies, please come LATE to Shul! Earliest candle lighting 6:25 and Mincha starts at 6:30, so light first and arrive late…

Dear Friend,

Please note that from Sunday until January 1, all weekday Shachrit services will be at 8am.

It’s your last chance. The final daven e caffe of 2018 will take place Friday December 28 at 8am. All Welcome!!

Mazal Tov to Solly Gutman on the birth of his grandson in Israel. Much nachas!

What a wedding! Mazel tov to Ivan & Ruth Goodman, Paul Levy and Bobba Zelda Rutenberg on the marriage of their daughter & granddaughter, Kalley Levy to Russell Hoffman.Zelda was beaming from ear to ear as she watched her youngest granddaughter under the Chuppah. Much yiddishe nachas!

Mazel tov to Barry and Hazel Goodman and to Hazel’s mom, Evelyn Peltz on the birth of their grandson and great-grandson. Much nachas!

Condolences to Eleanor Miller & Beverlee Diamond on the passing of their mother, and to Esta Levitas, Eileen Weiser & Juliet Aharoni on the loss of their sister, Ada Schneidermann.

Condolences to Les & Joan Lazarus and to Paul Lazarus on the loss of their son & brother, Neil.

May the families experience strength and Hashem’s comfort.

On account of the late Shabbas start, the earliest candles are at 6:25pm. Please light candles after that time and only then come to Shul!

Shabbat shalom and happy reading,

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg