Happy Birthday!

Dear Friend,


Israel is a singular story, unique in history. This is true both for the Land and for the People of Israel.


Although I don’t get to live in the Land, it is a privilege to spend my life dedicated to our unique people. But this week, I got to experience the two together: a singular people celebrating the Singular Land. And what a treat!


The sirens on Yom Hazikaron and the spontaneous appreciation shown to soldiers in the streets on this solemn day; then the eruption of joy, celebration 70, live music everywhere, Air Force airshow in Gan Sachar, 5000 youth at the Kotel returning from March of the Living….


And all this coinciding with my birthday (on Shabbas)!


In Chassidic thought, a birthday is a time for reflection of the past year’s achievements, opportunities & missed chances. It’s a time to commit to a better year ahead as one grows not just biologically, but spiritually & emotionally, as well.


It is not meant to celebrate the fact that one exists, but the purpose for which they exist.


In Israel, you get those who celebrate the fact of its existence. At least equally important is to use the opportunity to reflect on the purpose of its existence. True, this is a more sombre process, but our beloved Israel has so much to be proud of, while girding itself for the spiritual challenges ahead. Happy birthday!


Our condolences to Minette Hammerson on the tragic loss of her son,Mark Hammerson. Our hearts also go out to his wife & kids, Chantal, Daniel & Kayla Hammerson and to his sister, Susan.


Condolences to Lynette Frigati & Lester Edelstein on the passing of their mother, Bessie Edelstein.


We are so sad to bid a fond farewell to Hermoine Sternberg who will be emigrating to London. Hermoine & her late beloved husband, Peter, were true leaders in our community, choosing action over reaction every day. They organized events, cared for others, regularly attended Shul and were at the fulcrum of a large circle of good friends. As Hermoine establishes herself in London, near her children, we say Toda Raba and hatzlacha! Marais Road Shul’s connection to the Sternberg’s will always be felt.


As the last Wednesday of the month, get ready for daven e caffé! This Wednesday, 25 April. Davening @7am, followed by

breakfast with Rabbi Pini Hecht.


Back by popular demand! Rebbetzin Sara’s shiur on pirkei avot, will continue this Shabbas, 5.10pm @ the shul.


Shabbat shalom & happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg

Marais Rd. Shul

Cape Town

021 439 7543