Happy, happy Shabbas!

Dear Friend,


Whoa, what a special Shabbas! From all sides, our community is celebrating nachas and Hashem’s blessings. We at Marais Road Shul are so excited to be a part the joy!


It was an emotional moment yesterday, when I called up Aryeh Leib ben Avraham for his first Aliyah. For 9 years I’ve been calling up Avraham ben Aryeh Leib (aka Aubrey Miller) to the Torah as we celebrated births, Bat Mitzvahs and Maftirs Yona on Yom Kippur. But now it’s a new generation as the name is reversed and Leo, named after his legendary grandfather “King” Louis Miller confidently stepped up to the Torah for his first Aliyah.


Mazel tov Aubrey and Kerry! May you guys reap the deserved nachas that you have sown. Mazel tov to granny Adelaide Sachs!Your nachas is our community’s nachas and we are so thrilled to be celebrating with you guys.


And a special mazel tov to Adelaide Sachs on celebrating her 80th birthday! Enjoy your special birthday present, this Shabbas…


There are people who embrace you- not literally, but with their presence. You just feel enveloped by their warmth and care. Anyone who knows David and Cindy Bacher knows what I‘m talking about! Mazel tov David and Cindy on Mika’s Bat Mitzvah this Shabbas! Mazel tov and welcome to your parents, David & Ros Sussman and Ali & Shira Bacher… Mika has always known where she’s headed and we are so proud to see her heading into the age of Jewish Adulthood. Much nachas!


Errol Kope is one of those ageless fellows who still climbs Lion’s Head faster than most people half his age. So Mazel tov Errol & Stella Kope and Leslie & Marcelle Zar on the forthcoming marriage of your children, Megan Kope & Justin Zar! Enjoy the simcha and the nachas!


Mazel tov to our oldest, yet most spry, member Ettie Buch on her great grandson, Akiva Yach’s Bar Mitzvah. Akiva’s parents,Elchanan and Debbie Yach are old good friends of Sara and me going back almost 2 decades. Much nachas!


Mazel tov to Lauren Gillis on her 60th Birthday this past Sunday! Lauren has created a wonderful way to give back while encouraging others to make a difference by purchasing Relate bracelets for charity. Click here for more info https://www.relate.org.za/shop/dig60-bracelet. Many decades of joy, health, giving, and nachas!


While most of our community knows our Honorary life member Ella Blumenthal, not too many know that her Hebrew name is Nechama (“comfort”) because she was born on the Shabbas after Tish’a B’av, know as Shabbat Nachamu (“be comforted”). So, happy birthday Ella! Biz a hoondred un tzvantzig gezunterheit…


Mazel tov to Sally Schapiro on her grandson, Arie Shalita’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel, to Lily Cammerman on her 95th Birthday(!), and to Isaac James on his granddaughter, Daniella Jacobson’s Bat Mitzvah. Much nachas!!


Last night we hosted a farewell and kol hakavod evening for the bachurim of Yeshiva of Cape Town: Yakov, Shabtai and Amitai (who is actually staying till the end of the year). Their impact has been huge and we can’t thank them enough for their dedication to our CT community. We look forward to the new bachurim arriving soon and continuing their good work, while giving us the chance to form new relationships.


Condolences to Anne Jacobs on the loss of her brother. We wish you strength and may Hashem grant you comfort.


Reminder that Mincha now starts at 6pm.


Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!


Rabbi Dovid Wineberg