Hear the angels sing

A warm welcome to our Weizmann Grade 2’s learners, parents & grandparents, teachers and of course Principal Mr. Anton and Sue Krupenia!

Few events touch the heart like these precious children entering Shul and performing Jewish songs. And under Cantor Joffe’s baton, these kids really sing like angels, so join us tonight as we are serenaded by our precious kinderlach.

Well, Luke Mauerberger would beg to differ, you see he’s no more one of the kinderlach! Luke had first Aliyah yesterday morning and everyone knows that only Adults can get that…that’s right Luke is now a Jewish Adult and is celebrating his Barmy this Shabbos- mazel tov!

Mazel tov to his parents, Howard Mauerberger and Taryn Joffe and to grandparents Elton and Helen Joffe! Luke has connected deeply to his Bar Mitzvah journey and we know you will continue having much nachas from this new Jewish Adult.

 H.O.D.’s chesed work is known internationally and we’re happy to welcome their members, led by Grand President Allan Rubinstein to Cape Town and to our Shul this Shabbas.

 Mazel tov to Royalton Summerfield on his 90th birthday! May Hashem bless him and Maureen with good health and much nachas.

 Speaking of nachas, congrats to  Dorothy Bagraim on her grandson, Zac Bagraim’s election as Head Boy of Herzlia. Mazel tov!

Shabbat Shalom and happy reading!

Rabbi Dovid Wineberg