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In the race between the third wave and vaccination rollout, the third wave took a big leap forward this week. While we’re not currently changing any behaviors at the Shul, it’s imperative that all guidelines are carefully observed. This includes staying home with even the slightest symptoms, carefully wearing your mask indoors and regularly sanitizing hands. Together we will keep the Shul’s status as a very safe space!

Mazel Tov to Sebastian Solin on his Bar Mitzvah! Mazel Tov to his parents, Barry & Adrienne Solin and grandparents, Miriam Solin and Sidney & Norma Shlomowitz. Sebi’s grandfather, Norman Solin, was a true Shul Yid, and served as Chazan Sheni amongst many roles at the Marais Road Shul. I’m sure he’s getting much nachas above. Sebi often comes to Shul with his Zaida Sydney & we’re thrilled to be celebrating together. Much nachas!!

Zervice will be at 5PM, click here to join! HTTPS://

We also jumped forward this week with vaccines support. Many thanks to Diana Sochen and CJSA for organizing lifts and support to vaccination sites. If you are a seasoned citizen and require some help or a lift, please call Tracy at the shul office to put your name down and we will contact you. For any questions please contact Rebbetzin Sara on 0832998977. #nabthejab!

It’s finally here!! ‘I Am Here’ Documentary on the life of our honorary life member Ella Blumenthal will be available from 6pm this Sunday. Sara and I are blessed to have a friendship with Ella that spans over 2 decades and I am very excited to watch Jordy Sank’s excellent documentary.

Click here to rent the film

To join a q&a with Ella click here

Mazel Tov to Susan Musikanth on her birthday. Many happy healthy decades with much nachas!

Mazel Tov to Michael Felthun on his birthday! Many happy healthy filled with nachas.

Mazel Tov to Leon & Barbara Mandel on the engagement of their granddaughter, Fabienne Radowsky to Boaz Carr. Much nachas!

The CTJERS relief fund is here to support you through these difficult and challenging times, providing relief by offering financial assistance. I’m very proud of our Shul’s role in making this fund possible and if our wider Jewish community for making it happen.

Simply send an email to and use your Name and Surname in the subject line. Include your contact number, email address and ID number in the email body and you will receive confirmation of your application, should it be successful.

Brenna Frankel sent me this opportunity for our community to support each other. Ty Brenna & Lisa, people please get involved!!

JAM, a closed Facebook group, is an online business directory to support Jewish entrepreneurs and businesses in the Western Cape. Link to join JAM

Shabbat shalom & happy reading!

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