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The Rabbi's Blog

Rabbi’s Blog

Dear Friend,

Baruch…Hagomel lchayavim tovot…
Blessed are You… who rewards the undeserving with goodness..

This text of the ‘Gomel’ blessing is an expression of gratitude to Hashem that we recite in recognition of moments of miraculous salvation in our lives. Over the last 10 months or so the name Chaya Leah bat Baila has become so familiar to so many of us as we prayed daily, faithfully to Hashem for her healing. This week Barry, Kye, and Jasper celebrated the miraculous return home of their wife and mom Lauri together with other family and friends, after a long an arduous journey fighting for life and health. For this we join them in saying Thank You Hashem! And we continue to pray that Hashem shines His blessing for a complete and speedy recovery for Lauri and all those in need.

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